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Sandman and ADRP

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I've been watching Gaiman's new Sandman series on Netflix and as I watch I keep thinking, "this really ought to be an Amber Diceless setting."
--> Family of immortals, each with special powers.
--> High power-curve among conflicts that occur; not low-level characters adventuring.
--> Dream has items which make him more powerful than many of the others, but since he spent character points on them he's weaker when he loses them.
--> Many realms, and characters can travel from one to another.
--> Large emphasis on role play and discussion, rather than just combat.

A little web surfing showed me that there are _zero_ Sandman RPG games or variants out there.  :o  (I don't count the old "Map of Halaal" game by Pacesetter or the freeware horror-based game, which aren't at all based on Gaiman's works.)

So, has anyone done something for Sandman using Amber Diceless rules?

Heh, I had zero interest in that show, but you have raised it a notch for me.  Might have to check that out.

Have you read the comic book graphic novels? Many consider Sandman to be one of the greatest graphic novel series of all time.

To add onto what I posted earlier, there is this group of immortals called "the endless." They are named Death, Dream, Despair, Delirium, Desire, Destruction, and Destiny. Each has powers much like their names suggest, but they interact with each other in very human ways. Has a very Amber-like feel. Often they are allies, but sometimes not.

No, Sandman came out after I dropped out of the comic book scene. Perhaps I'll hit the local library and see if they have it.

I watched the first two episodes and I totally get that Amber/Courts of Chaos vibe.  The dark waters can easily sub for shadows and perhaps even the Logrus.


--- Quote from: zircher on August 12, 2022, 01:11:56 PM ---Sandman came out after I dropped out of the comic book scene.
--- End quote ---
This is me as well, and I wouldn't have known anything about it if a friend hadn't clued me in a few years ago. The Gaiman series apparently ran around 75 comics, which fill up around 10 volumes in trade format, or nowadays you can get them in four mega-volumes. I recommend the individual volumes.

1. Preludes and Nocturnes collecting The Sandman #1–8
2. The Doll's House collecting The Sandman #9–16
3. Dream Country collecting The Sandman #17–20
4. Season of Mists collecting The Sandman #21–28
5. A Game of You collecting The Sandman #32–37
6. Fables and Reflections collecting The Sandman #29–31, 38–40, 50
7. Brief Lives collecting The Sandman #41–49
8. Worlds' End collecting The Sandman #51–56
9. The Kindly Ones collecting The Sandman #57–69
10. The Wake collecting The Sandman #70–75

Season 1 of the TV series is supposed to be essentially books #1 and #2. As I said, they feel very much like Amber to me and I know that Gaiman was one of the couple of authors (along with GRR Martin and Steve Brust) who were top candidates to write Amber stories before John Betancourt was selected. Gaiman, Martin, and Brust were all friends of Zelazny and chose to respect his wishes that no one write in the Amberverse, but I really wish either Gaiman or Brust had taken them up on it. (Not so much Martin, IMO.)


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