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Author Topic: [Lords of Olympus] Khaos-Creatures  (Read 339 times)


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[Lords of Olympus] Khaos-Creatures
« on: November 19, 2013, 04:25:42 PM »
Lords of Olympus: Khaos-Creatures

So let's take a look at Advanced Primordial Magic today.

In Lords of Olympus, a character who has mastered the power of the Primordials can infuse objects and creatures with the power of Khaos, primordial goddess of creation.  Such a creature or object is doubled in resistance to damage, and can be further modified by the magician to be able to damage by mere touch (how much damage? enough that just a touch will instantly kill a normal mortal!),  change shape, or make them faster, including their Ability Classes across the board, in short, creature super-creatures or super-objects.

What is the limit of this power? What is there to stop an Advanced Primordial Magic-user from making a thousand of these guys? Or a million?
Well, nothing.

Other than time, there's pretty much nothing preventing this from happening.  Even the process of Khaos infusion isn't exceedingly tiring to someone of Olympian-class fortitude.  As long as you have willing (or unwilling-but-helpless) subjects to do this to, or the means of production and available objects, you can do it to your heart's content.

There are some down-sides of course: Khaos-infused creatures and objects will tend to break down (decay) twice as fast, but this might not be any great concern to your average Olympian God (mortals live such short lives anyways!).
And of course, the big one is that the Khaos-infusion itself is quickly dissolved if the person or object is brought into one of the Divine Roads. So a Khaos-infused army won't be much for you to go conquer Olympus with.  But think about it: if you can have a thousand (or a hundred-thousand, or a million) khaos-infused soldiers in your service in your own realm, that will make a pretty big deterrent to attack! As a defensive army they still rock.

We do get into one other little problem, however: infusing someone with Khaos-force in no way puts them under your control or makes them bound to you.  You can have your army but they're not going to be a mindless slave army (unless you had an army of mindless slaves to begin with!). Instead, you're going to have a thousand, hundred-thousand, or million dudes that have highly enhanced powers and will only owe you what they owe you; you better be damn sure that you've picked people who will remain fanatically loyal to you, because if not that army could just as easily end up being turned against you by some scheming relative.

Especially if said relative lets slip to all your soldiers that their wonderful master has cut their lifespan in half...

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