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Real life kicked me last time I tried it, and kicked me when I tried to start an Amber game....however real life is starting to settle down, so I am willing to get back up and try this again

 I will be updating this post later tonight about what I want to put in my sandbox in then I will see if anybody here wants to play

The setting I have in mind for my game will feature the possibility of playing Egyptian, Celtic/Tuatha, Hindu, Aesir/Vanir, on top of the standard Greek Pantheon. I have some ideas for powers for characters native to those particular gods. However, you are all going to be connected to the Olympian Family by blood.

You the players will know of each other through family events and meetings.

(Some notable deviations from the canon of the books proper)

This will be the 5th or 6th time that the multiverse has been recreated. Part of the variance in the stories of the gods occurs in part because as the Multiverse is reborn from the Cosmic Egg events unfold differently each time. Their are humans from the prior iterations of the multiverse that exist.

The Titans have their war with the Primordials and the Olympians have their war with the titans. there are two other major events in the mythic cycle. The Wars of the Olympians with each other.

The final of the wars of the gods with each other was the war between Hera and Zeus. At the end of this war the Gods of Olympus were forbidden to war amongst one another.

Athena's feud with Poseidon over Athens is tied to events that occur following the end of this war that feed into the War of the Giants. The War of The Giants. The War of the Giants was a proxy war the Gaea launched against the Olympians using her Children the Giants as key players in.

The defeat of Typhon by Zeus was the climactic end of these events

However during this war the Tuatha and the Aesir both rose up and were used as proxy forces against the Giants (and were used by the gods against each other in a fashion of a Proxy war)
The events of the Labors of Hercules (in the fashion they occurred in) happened during this War
The Jotun and the Fomorians are both tribes of Giants that broke away from the main part of their lineage. And at the end of the War of the Giants sued for peace.

Following the final defeat of the Giants (and many of the monsters of the Primordial Chaos who had allied with them), peace has been hammered out that has lasted for around 3000 years.


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