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Looking for Players for a Campaign via Discord/Roll20

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I've tried reddit with out much I thought I'd try here..

I've GM'd everything from AD&D, Star Frontiers, Mech Warrior, Gurps, Supers, Rifts, through to Amber. I'm trying to assemble a group of players (between 4 and 6) interested in an Amber Campaign either a re-run of Keep of the Thirteenth Hour or another concurrent run of my AiRP campaign. I'm happy to take novices to the Amber System but not novice Roleplayers. Knowldege of the System or Amber is not required.

I use a set of rules built from the net book of Amber derived from the first edition rules. There is a full rule set (both online and downloadable PDF) and basic intro's to both campaigns on my website

My preference is Thursday evenings (8pm->10:30pm BST/GMT) but as I've not had any success I'm willing to switch to either a Friday or Sunday Evening (7pm->10pm). However with either Friday or Sunday it will not be every week and may be subject to late cancellation.

Update: I have also considered running this as a PBP campaign. Please check the latest Reddit Thread for details

Welcome to the boards! Your website looks awesome; I looked at it some based on your posts on the ADRP Discussion board, but I like what I see there and based on your list of RPGs that you've run it sounds like we have similar interests in gaming.

I have no experience with Discord or Roll20 and have never played online in that way, but good luck with the campaign. (I don't think my computer has a camera or microphone anything like that, so my guess is that I can't interface with an online game in that way.)

Desktop generally don't have either. A reasonable headset, like the Jabra Voice 550 is approx £50 (probably cheaper in the US in dollars) is all you need for Discord. Camera's are not necessary. Discord is considerably better than Skype and works well in voice mode if you have limited Internet Bandwidth. I run another group on a Tuesday and it works pretty well. Roll20 is useful for sharing the occasional map but images can just be dropped onto the Discord client or I put them up on my website and tell people to go look at them as appropriate but that doesn't work for dynamic situations.

Hello. I would be interested in playing in discord Amber sessions. My discord nick is: Blinky55#9628

Feel free to PM me.

Can you add your name to my last Reddit post on the subject..


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