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Author Topic: (LoO) where to take my God?  (Read 4015 times)


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(LoO) where to take my God?
« Reply #30 on: January 27, 2016, 10:27:34 PM »
Kick someone off the Mountin.  Ares is a bit of a dick.  

As for how to spend your points, if you are finished your planned character development talk to the DM and get something wierd not in the books.  Use your ego and Scrying to make people have dreams and visions that are doomed to happen.  Kind of a way to pass out limited bad stuff if a specific situation happens.

You meet Ares beat him in ego, shortly he dreams of fighting the PC who is number one in warfare, slipping on a rock and getting stabbed through the heart.  Ares then goes looking for a fight, and what do you know, exactly that happens.  If the situation never comes up, Ares never fights your warfare god, your curse doesn't do anything.  

Powerful but specific.  Fits the setting and with all you have done you should have totally whack job powers.  Now deal with the consequences.