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Author Topic: LoO: What can Olympian Class do?  (Read 326 times)


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LoO: What can Olympian Class do?
« on: January 20, 2013, 03:26:10 PM »
Some of you who haven't yet bought Lords of Olympus might be wondering just what the power-levels are in the game.
Well here, right from the book, is a list of just what you can do in the different ability scores if you have "Olympian Class", the default Olympian-level average:

Olympian Class Ego Characters

•     Whether     by     touch    or     prolonged     eye-contact,     they can establish a psychic link, and thereafter attempt to read thoughts, send telepathic messages, cause mental injury, or psychically dominate victims

•     Access     to     the    standard    powers     available    to     player  characters, with a moderate level of effect

•     While     competent,    they     cannot     reach    exceptional    

Olympian Class Might Characters
•     Capable    of     incredible     feats     of     strength    by     human  standards, such as lifting cars with bare hands and tossing them a few feet, uprooting thick trees, punching through most types of wood with relative ease, penetrating weaker stone or metal with enough effort, and easily killing regular mortals with a single blow

•     Four     or     five    mortal    men    exerting    great     effort    are  
needed to pin them

Olympian Class Fortitude Characters
•     Capable    of     extreme    feats     of     endurance

•     Can     fight     without     stopping    for    twelve     hours and stay awake for two to three days of constant
marching before physical or mental capacities are affected

•     Resistant     to     a    single    blow     from     a    melee    weapon or bullet wound that misses the heart or brain, requiring several such injuries to incapacitate them; they can even keep moving, albeit with some effort, after a high-speed collision with a car

•     While     unlikely     to     die,    only     decapitation  means certain death, though a serious injury to the heart
or brain leaves them unconscious and defenseless

•     Recovery     from     minor    injuries     requires    a    night’s rest, while serious injuries heal in only a few
days—being stabbed or shot in the heart requires only a week’s rest, and being stabbed or shot in the
brain results in a coma for only a few weeks before being able to engage in moderate activity

•     Lost     body     parts     can    be     regrown,     although    it     may  take years to do so

•     Breath     can    be     held     for    a    half-hour

•     Survival    below    100°C    or     above    -75°C    is     possible  indefinitely

•     Can     resist     highly-toxic    environments    for    variable lengths of time

•     Access     to     the    standard    powers     listed    for    player characters without tiring, unless injured, fatigued, or for prolonged use

Olympian Class Prowess Characters
•     Physical    combatants    on     the    level     of   wuxia martial-arts films

•     Can     take     shots     impossible    to     a    normal     mortal    with a gun, engage in sword-fights while performing acrobatics in a dangerous environment, and defeat a grandmaster in chess quickly and efficiently

•     Capable    of     killing    a    mere     mortal    without     any meaningful effort or fight ten mortal men in a
sword-duel at no risk with some care

•     Most    regular     supernatural     creatures    are    likely    to be defeated in battle

From time to time, I plan to post some more snippets from the book, so keep your eyes peeled.

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