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[LoO] Time keeping and Calendar question


How do you think the gods keep time if at all? Do they have a calendar anf if yes how does it work? Are there different calendars for Atlantis and Olympus?
What about time in general, do you think they use hoers or minutes when they are on Olympus?
On the one side, I think Immortal beings will not necessarily keep time in the form of calendr and might treat time in a vaguer and epic way like referencing different ages and events as points of reference. That would make it easier to not have track time on Olympus but might also make it confusing. Also the Greek gods are very connected thematically to time through natural phenomena, so it feels maybe right that they will have a Divine clander. Then what names do you give the months or days? how long is it? Do they have holidays that are celebrated by the gods in Olympus? Are there weeks? (Week is not a natural period as opposed to a day, month or year)

Of course, any choice is valid, but I am not sure what I like for my game so I would love to hear how different people handled it in their campaigns.

Thanks in advance, Mad Hatter.

There are cycles in nature that would make sense; days, lunar months, seasons, and years. 

Of course, if I was a god, I would just use a deck of cards; four suites/seasons and 13 face values/months, thus 52 weeks.

The Witch-King of Ts√°mra:
In my setting the gods of each of the three true realms function on the same "time zone". The further out you go from Atlantis, Olympus, and Hades the more the time differential increases/decreases. However when it comes to keeping track of time on the true realms they are much more relaxed about time, they also mark time by referring to events like for example 10,000 years since the Gigantomachy. But for the really old gods who have traveled extensively they end up referring to ages. The current age is the Age of Ill Fortune as decreed by the Oracle of Delphi.


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