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(LoO) The Wild and Wacky Adventures in The Omniverse of the Gods

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The Witch-King of Tsámra:
(Written by Spero, son of Dionysius and Aphrodite)
Journal entry 4.5:

While I was walking behind my friends I couldn’t move or talk and was summoned to a different realm. when I was summoned I was surrounded by a three foot wide circle of flowers. I jumped out of the ring and walked toward a mound of dirt and it talked to me. It took a human form and said it was the god Balor form the Irish Celtic pantheon and sent me on a quest to find the pieces of the holy grail. I went on the quest and found a boat. This boat had skeleton that’s ribs had necromantic runes etched on them. Spero then took its magical bones “honorably” and then sailed for two days. After two days I saw an Island surrounded by fog and went ashore. On the shore there was a row of swords sticking out of the shore. I continued on to explore the island and dueled a goddess and won. She called me dishonorable and I challenged her to a duel of wit and won. Then I asked who was that and found out she was The Morrigan and then I was summoned in front of my group.

The Witch-King of Tsámra:
(Written by Daniel Amada, Son of Morpheus and Iris)
Journal Entry 4.6

We had delved further into our adventure and, sadly, Spero left us. To where I had no idea. Grace and I delved into what seemed a tomb. There we came upon the ritual, and then, at that ritual, we saw someone escape. That person who escaped turned out to be an elemental of sort, and they did not know why they happened to be there. We dealt with them with haste, and discovered the ritual more, which turned out to be the process for releasing Sutekh the Destroyer from his dimensional prison. We stopped the ritual from fully going through, but the lands were chaotic, ignited with chaos storms. And the islands were called the islands of chaos.

Subtle, right?

Regardless, I personally met with a particular noble who gave me a wary eye, but told me that I was a person of the dream variety, and there were many like me, these dream walkers. He also handed me a star map, and I offered him a return of favor for his graces, and he wished for me to protect his daughter as she accompanied me on my adventures. I agreed, and hope that I can fulfill my promise absolutely.

Later on, in order to further deal with the Sutekh ordeal, I used scrying to get in contact with Hephaestus so he could send us weapons. We had an interesting conversation, and I myself felt a bit of sympathy for his overly flirtatious wife. Eventually he agreed to help. I returned to the island and then we got aid with our plight.

The Witch-King of Tsámra:
(Written by Spero, Son of Dionysius and Aphrodite)
Journal Entry Five:

After joining my friends again we set off to go to different land. But first Daniel went off on another quest with a nymph(Daughter of a centaur) girl. So me and Grace traveled on the Olympian Road. Once we finished traveling on the Olympian Road we arrived on a strange desert planet. Once there we saw a merchant caravan then they started to flee in all direction. At first I was confused then I saw a Giant Worm and immediately named it Floppsy. I tried to see if I could talk to it/tame it but it resisted so me and Grace and I had to fight it to protect the merchants. as we were fighting Floppsy I stabbed it in a part of its head that made it docile and I tamed it. After I tamed Floppsy I road it to a city. Once we got to the city I got off Floppsy and told him/her/it to go and wait for me. After that Grace and I found a Cantina by the name of Gamma Incel. But before we got to the bar I told grace About my little Adventure. We entered and I saw casino tables all around. I looked at Grace and she just nodded her head and I went Poof (Meaning I went to go play some games). Later while I was playing Grace called me over from the V.I.P section because she had found a captain (who was actually a Gynoid Assassin Pleasure bot) and a ship. (I had Won 22 Thousand Credits) After I was there Grace negotiated a price to use the captains ship and Grace offered to possibly enhance her (what ever that means). After that we went and boarded the ship. I simply stood inside it in amazement, Investigating it, planning an escape root and trying to find games to play.

The Witch-King of Tsámra:
(Written by Spero, Son of Aphrodite and Dionysius)
Journal Entry 6:

Once we started traveling in space and exited hyperspace, we encountered the Terran Confederation. They scanned our ship and our ship started flashing red. We then got in to a star battle with the confederation and started to go down to the world below us. Once on the world we got on a hover boat and headed to the temple we needed to go to. Once we got to the temple we saw a chained up Manticore being held by people. I immediately went to see and possibly help the Manticore. I asked to see if I could talk to the Manticore. I then went and talked to the Manticore to see if it was my Manti and it turned out that it was. Then a stormed gathered and made the people leave. Once the people left the stormed stopped. I then caught up with Manti and found out she had done some horrific things. But I moved past it and we then arrived at the temple. There was a barrier keeping us out. Daniel and Grace worked to take down the barrier while I let Manti eat the enemy. After the barrier was down we went inside the temple. But before we went in I made a metal igloo for Manti to sleep in. After went in we saw a deep water pool. We dived in to the pool after Daniel cast a spell allowing us to breath underwater. After that we saw a man dying and helped heal him and he told us what happened. Before we left I meditated and saw a prophecy/vision about my father. I told the group what I saw mostly. We left the temple and went to Atlantis. Once there we went to Poseidon’s court and told him what happened and then we made planned for the future.

Is this the campaign you are running at Obsidian Portal? I'm seeking a serious toned campaign.


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