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(LoO) The Wild and Wacky Adventures in The Omniverse of the Gods

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The Witch-King of Ts√°mra:
This is the same. Though I am running it over Discord and Roll20. Roll20 is just to keep track of characters, discord is for voice. If you want I could maybe invite you to my game.


--- Quote from: Batjon on October 20, 2020, 03:28:03 AM ---Is this the campaign you are running at Obsidian Portal? I'm seeking a serious toned campaign.

--- End quote ---

Daniel and Spiro are a tad on the light hearted side as players.

I play Grace would you like a description of it from the character who isn't light hearted?


here is a summary of what happened from the Serious deity

the trinity is the Realist, Pessimist, and Optimist


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