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LoO - Spreadsheet with all the Deities and their stats


I spend some time transcribing all the LoO deities into a spreadsheet. I needed a "Monster Manual" for my game.
Doubtless there will be mistakes. I look forward to any you spot.

Oh, and while I am at here, here is a multi-page Character Sheet - Adobe Acrobat Form.
I use the blank pages to cut-n-paste short descriptions of the powers so that my players know what they have and how to use it.

Nice!  Thanks for putting the effort into these.

Here is my Stats/Powers/info spreadsheet (I was more anal but hope people will find it useful)

Ignore the pink names in the ranks tab they are the PC + created NPC's...
I also added a few gods mentioned in the LOO Core book that were not stated.


That is nice work, MadHatter!


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