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[LoO] Question about modifying the laws of reality


Hello friends,

First of all - I am new here,.. just recently acquired Lords of Olympus (coming from Amber DRPG of course), and I love it. Brilliant game!

Now, I am comparing the powers able to modify reality/world, it's either with Advanced Olympian Magic (40 pts) or Advanced Primordial Magic (35 pts). Something I do not get is, why the priciest power produces only ephemeral modifications (p.24), and the other produces permanent changes (p.30)? Should not it be the Khaos/entropy that has non-permanent effects?

Hoping I will make sense of all that soon! Thanks for attention.

Respond to self: Primordial Magic requires Metamorphosis (35 pts), so there is that. Also, permanent changes are a disruption of normality and will attract attention of local lords...

Continuing my reading. Great game. Where all the players gone?


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