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(LoO) Need a McGuffin suggestion


Jarrod Stanek:
I'm currently running an Amber game but doing the prep work for Lords of Olympus, which I'm going to run after Amber. The overall theme is that Tartarus has become weak enough from housing all its prisoners over the centuries that is has weakened a little bit. Nowhere near enough for anyone to escape, but enough for the trapped Titans to send out a fraction of their power and create avatars. The idea being that these avatars will then go out and wreak havoc against the Olympians for them. So that's kinda the overall campaign theme.

Once the Olympians discover what's going on, one of the adventures the PCs will get to go on is a quest for a McGuffin that will restore the strength of Tartarus and keep the Titans from making any more avatars. Kind of a Golden Fleece type of deal. But I'm getting stuck coming up with a good McGuffin. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cool McGuffin that would work? This is pretty much the only creative roadblock I've hit thus far. Any help is appreciated.

How about this?  Have the PCs quest for three chains (or more correctly, the spirit of three chains.) They'll need some seer that they have to protect and perhaps extract the spirits.  The spirits are inside of an anchor chain, a necklace, and a pocket watch chain.  None of the owners (enhanced/enchanted guardians of the chains even if they don't know it) will want to part with the chains.

The first thing i aim to do is give this link to; cheatsheet/peoples time wasted in mass quantities/poor mans imagination indexed:

Now in regards to your inquiry, the heart of the titan Nyx, left behind after her defeat in the God/Titan war and banishment to Tartarus could absorb all the avatars power and make the sealed titans harmless. The problem is, its beeing protected by a society of old heroes. You see, the heart is an immortal innocent child and the heroes dont want it used for anybodys agendas.

Another option is a shroud once held by the last wife of Hades(no, not the current one). It is said she was created out of his tears shed in remembrance of all the dead. She died of old age, after death her essence fades away, leaving only memories and the shroud. It is said it can hold all the memories of the wearer when a word is uttered in its presence and at one point, all those who entered Tartaros have uttered a sound. The shroud is currently on the back of Charon, getting it a feat indeed.

Zeus never explained how Athena just jusmped out of his head one day. Was it the only time such a thing as happened? What was the catalyst? Or are there more children of the Mind running out there? Could the reason for this miracle actually be repeatable by the titans and if so, could it weaken them to the point their children can be used as leverage against them?

Worst comes to worst, you can always ask the Oracle. The dangerous one, burried under a mountain, her eyes ripped out and held by her captors. The eyes speak you should know, they speak of things better left unsaid. And if they are somehow reconnected with the Oracle, it could spell doom for all. Even the Titans are afraid of Fate you know, even locked away they lack bravery to oppose it completly.

Good ideas so far. I want to add that there could be a few different things needed to get big T going, then others to actively act against the others.

The chains need to be found, bound and broken. Then some enchanted wine and food, ambrosia style, will need to be fed to him. All the while, the Titans will be fighting against the PCs completion of the tasks and freeing of T.

Once he's up and about, then Warder's more active pursuits come into play with even greater opposition from the others.

Jarrod Stanek:
Great ideas so far. Thank you to everyone for their ideas.


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