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[LoO] I tried to share stories from LoO on Facebook, Guess what happened?

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The Witch-King of Tsámra:
So here's what happened. I was thinking, "Hey why don't I go onto the Amber Diceless Facebook group and ask If I can talk about LoO." Apparently I was wrong and they started bitching and moaning about the fact that I play Lords of Olympus, it all stems from the fact that RPGPundit wrote it. Now I disagree with Pundit on 90% of things, however people seem to think that purchasing his games are immoral and that Pundit has drove people from the hobby. Anyways I just wanted to get this nonsense off my chest. Though I will probably share the cool stories here from now on.

I feel for you.  I like OSR and a variety of newer lite games.  I have to tread carefully in some circles because they are so politically toxic. 

Jarrod Stanek:
I'm a member of that FB group too and I saw your post. I feel you. I also agree with you 100% I don't like Pundit. From what little I've seen for myself he seems like a major jerk... but he wrote a great game. Lords of Olympus is awesome. Some people can't separate the author and his/her work. That's on them. Others don't want to buy the product because they don't want to support the author. I get that. I understand. But don't try to force your beliefs on others either. Sorry you had to deal with that. Finding a gaming group on FB that's supportive and a positive place is also difficult to do. I'm not overly impressed with the Amber group in that regard. I've had some issues on there myself. So... chin up! You did nothing wrong and don't let others try and villainize you because you bought a game!


The Witch-King of Tsámra:
Thank you Jarrod.

Jarrod Stanek:
I got your back, bro!


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