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LOO Errata


Lords of Olympus Errata:

I thought I would start a thread for LOO Errata. These are minor things and mainly each GM needs to choose what to do with it - which version of contradictory information to make cannon in his campaign or how to interpret an unclear statement.

To get us started here are two things I'v noticed while rereading the book:

Asclepius – In the entry on Olympus p.90, it mentions him as one of the deities that can frequently be found in Olympus. Later in Apollo's description om p.188 (and other places as well Asclepius is described as having been killed by Zeus and turned in to a discarnate spirit of healing,

Lethe – In Eris's entry on P.122 she is described as on of Eris's children (which should be the cannon version according to wiki). However, in Hypnos's entry on p.126 she is described a Hypnos's sister.


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