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Is Amber really that difficult to play?

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Ok, I'll quote myself because I would really like some opinions on this matter.
Here it goes:

--- Quote from: me ---Gentlemen, I really feel a shower of crap coming my way after I say this, but here it goes... I do not find Amber a difficult game to run or play. Before you start the turd throwing, please read on. I think that, after grasping the initial concept of the whole thing, the difficult part is exactly the same as the difficult part of running anything were you can't just center your game on hack & slash. Elaborating. DMingDude throws a party, and after a few beers the gang begs him to put togheter a few monsters, two or three pit traps, a dozen funny NPCs

--- Quote from: Ugly Piper ---
...and the occasional boobies...
--- End quote ---

...thank you, and the occasional boobies, and run two elves, a weezer and a lesbian-chaotic-evil-half-fiend-charisma-22 drow priestess through some good ole wench-killing-orc-raping D&D. Fine. If you've been DMing for as much as a few months, you can do it with your hands closed and your eyes behind your back. Now let's say the party is at GMingBloke's flat, and after three beers and a joint each the gang (including DMingDude, who's visiting), bribes him into running Xaviero, d'Artagnan, Gerry the Strongman, that chap who just doesn't get tired and a few slow siblings through some family slaughterin' crown war. Well, just as easy. Really. The part of Amber that's hard will be hard if you are running Amber, D&D, VtM, WtF (I love the acronym), Over the Edge or even the bloody excellent Risus. The nice plotline, the believable situations and, most important of all, the NPCs.
The system, as always, is a matter of taste.
And, as for playing it... well, I think playing it may be harder than running it, if you are talking about the "traditional" competitive playstyle, and if it's well directed.
What may make Amber seem harder, it's the fact that, let's face it, if you are playing D&D with some at least barely experienced players, and the DM is not a complete retard, it can be fun. Well, now, with Amber, you need the GM to be good for it to be fun. And I'm not talking about him making lightning fast on-the-spot calls in a battle. That you learn. I'm talking of him being able to really make you believe that that redhead bastard is telling you the truth, to get you thinking, "oh, boy, how I'd like to screw Flora", to play a charming Bleys who doesn't stop smiling while making a brochette out of you, to portrait an unreadable yet menacing and deeply human Benedict, and of course, if Corwin is around, to stick without guilt 23 feet of trouble up your proverbial arse. Mate, that Zelazny chap was good.
--- End quote ---

James McMurray:
I think you alos need players whose idea of flavor text isn't "that stuff that keeps me from fighting."

Well, of course, but doesn't any good game needs them?

James McMurray:
Depends on your definition of good. Many games can play almost completely in a tactical style where the flavor text is used to set up the next tactical situation. A "typical" dungeon crawl is a good example of this.

Amber isn't more difficult to play, but it is harder to run.


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