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Introductory Scenario for the non-Amberites

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James McMurray:
Thanks. Any websites in your favorites list to pay closer attention to?


--- Quote from: James McMurray ---Thanks. Any websites in your favorites list to pay closer attention to?
--- End quote ---

There's an entire forum just for ADRP at "Shadows of Amber":

Many, many ADRP sites are linked from that one.


--- Quote from: James McMurray ---got a chance to pick up the main rulebook cheap (and perhaps Shadow Knight if I like the core rules)
--- End quote ---

Do it!

Since the ADRP game system only has two volumes, I think you would be nuts if you didn't pick up both books. I own both paper and PDF versions of each and have never regretted the money spent.

Having said that, a disclaimer: There are those who do not like the Merlin series of books -- they don't like the character or the new ideas or whatever. Certainly, the Merlin books differ from the Corwin books in many ways. The Shadow Knight supplement is more Merlin-centered and therefore many ADRP players don't like it. Get it anyway. It's full of neat "official" ideas and options which can really add depth into an Amber campaign.

Just my opinion.

James McMurray:
I loved the Merlin series. My players, as far as I know, have not read any of it the Amber novels. I'd most likely leave the Courts of Chaos as completely unknown territory at the start, as it was with Corwin. Introduce them to the idea that Amber isn't the only "real" place after they've had a while to become secure in their superiority.

That's a very good way to handle things, James.



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