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Title: Introduction to the Amber-Erick Wujcik forum
Post by: RPGPundit on November 28, 2006, 07:35:58 AM
Ok, its just like the title of the Forum says; this is a place to discuss the Amber setting or Diceless RPG, or Erick Wujcik or any of Erick's other contributions to the Roleplaying world.
Erick will be trying to post here as often as he can, but like the Great Peruvian Jungle Bear, he is a shy breed and often must be poked and prodded before he steps out into the light of the clearing...

I expect that posting here will be kind of slow at first, but over time this place will become quite active.

One more note, if your thread isn't really clear about its topic, you may want to prefix it with an [Amber], [Wujcik], [TMNT], etc etc. descriptor.

Looking forward to seeing what you all put on here.