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Holy shit.


...those morons are at it again:

And they show an amount of ignorance about Amber Diceless, and diceless gaming in general, that is PAINFUL.

Heh, yeah, you do need a certain mind set for the game since it can be very confrontational/adversarial.  Just for giggles, I bothered to mention Four Houses in Amber to see what kind of noise that generates. 

Personally i dislike Fate as a system, reading this and finding Amber Accelerated was suprising to me. I get how this might seem to work for some players.

Also yeah, many people in that thread do see like they are new to Amber Diceless. The more we can get interested the merrier i say:)

You can think of FAE as like training wheels for Amber Diceless.  You can create obstacles, set up advantages, leverage an enemy's weakness, and use 'good stuff' with the associated mechanics in FAE.  After a while, you can say, "Where we're going, you won't need dice."  :-D


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