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Erick Wujcik passed

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Hard to believe that in two days it will mark 8 years since Erick's passing.

I think back to all of the ADRP stuff that he contributed, and all of the ideas that he had planned to develop ... well, it's still so sad.

Great man, great designer, great GM.

One more year.

I'll read Ninjas and Superspies and Mystic China again, two of my favorite RPG books.

White Dragon:
I remember many years ago at a small convention in Windsor, Ontario, Erick had done a seminar on how to roleplay a character well. This was my first introduction to him, and this was long before the Amber Diceless roleplaying system was released.
I had played in a couple of game run by him-Entropy (unpublished SF RPG), and Amber. This was before the game was published as well.
I have tried to emulate him, but feel that I fall short of this standard.
One thing that I do have is a copy of the Amber RPG, signed by BOTH Erick Wujick and Roger Zelazny. Roger was surprised when I showed up with this at a World Fantasy Convention.


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