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Hey everyone my name is Larry and I am new in these parts. I am currently playing in a Lords of Olympus Campaign on Discord and I am interested in starting my own.

However my attempt to recruit players from my normal circle of players and online game friends has been a challenge. Getting them introduced into a new game is a challenge when I don't really have a sufficent Player group to be dependable to start a game.

So I was looking to see who might be interested or has time for such a campaign? I am going to be drawing some inspiration out of some of the Ancient Greek related SCP foundation artifacts to build some of the plot ideas.

This is an answer of a post five months ago but ive seen longer reaching nekros. So;

While i am interested in a game set in ancient greece im not sure Lords of Olympus woudl be the right choice, the characters are too powerfull. Mayhap im wrong but they are superhuman. That raises some questions on what enemies can be a challenge enough to fight them. Now if i am wrong about this please offer your clarification if you want. If i am indeed wrong, i would like to participate in such a game to find out empirically.

The Witch-King of Ts√°mra:
Warder, there just so happens to be a sidebar in Lords of Olympus to play a Mortal campaign. This game that Larry mentioned is not about playing Mortal though. Although if you are interested I am running a Lords of Olympus game over Roll20 and Discord. If I ever get an open spot I will let you know.

I'm seeking a LoO game.  Is anyone still recruiting?


--- Quote from: Batjon on October 20, 2020, 03:23:08 AM ---I'm seeking a LoO game.  Is anyone still recruiting?

--- End quote ---

I might try a pass at this again


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