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Author Topic: Broken Pattern PC  (Read 879 times)

Jarrod Stanek

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Broken Pattern PC
« on: October 25, 2020, 12:53:58 PM »
So I'm just curious if anyone has ever had a Shadow person with Broken Pattern in their group of Amberites and how they dealt with the power level issue. Here's what I mean. Even characters from the books who have Broken Pattern (Jasra, Julia) are far less powerful than your average Amberite. Which makes a certain kind of sense. But what if it was a PC? Players shouldn't be punished for playing the character they want to play, even if that means they aren't playing an Amberite or Lord of Chaos. Is your Broken Pattern PC just a fluke and abnormally powerful? I'd hate to think that GMs would limit how high a character's Attributes could go because they're not Amberites. Just curious how other GMs have handled this.


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Re: Broken Pattern PC
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2020, 02:47:13 PM »
After running a 10 session campaign lately, i had no characters with Broken Pattern in it. It just never came up, im also proud i didnt introduce a single thing about Chaos in there. The players were still happy so it went well imho.

I see arbitrarily limiting the PC powerlevel to be restricive and frankly detrimental. Its not like people have free time to do suuper long campaigns to get greatly powerfull, the scope should be explained at the start.
Non amberites beeing always weaker struck me as simply wrong, there are things out there in the Shadows that are more deadly than them, in the first novel Corwin sees a big monster just sitting in the freeway eating cars and he goes ''nope''. An average PC cannot always win versus other beeings, its just silly. The Elders can possibly defeat other things but if i were to bet on a power contest between an elder amberite and an elephant i woudnt bet on the amberite.