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AmberCon Northwest is going internet wide this year


Anybody planning to attend? Never took part in one of these cause im living in Europe, but if its via Discord im all for this.  Ill just leave the link here:

Im quite interested in hearing what you all have to say about Ambercons. Anybody willing to share?

Always wanted to go, but it was never practical or affordable.  Will certainly check it out.

And, they really need to update their web page.  Where did you get the news?  That might be a better source for info.

Sorry for the late reply, so:
i got the info on Amber discord, they are creating a new discord setting up, but they give information about it on;
also, sadly its not free attendace;/

Well, it never has been free, so that's not a surprise.   ;)
Thanks for the link.


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