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Amber with another system

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James McMurray:
The more I read here the more I think my group might say no to the Amber system. I'll try, but it's alien to what they're used to by lightyears. I'll definitely run the game over at rpol if I like the system.

Given that though, I'd like to do some adventuring in the Amber universe. Does anyone know of any other systems that someone has modified for Amber? I may try to slip the Amber cosmology into a D&D campaign (I know, sacrilege). but if someone out there has taken the time to convert it to something I'd love to see it. Failing that, anybody know of systems they think would work well?

If you search the web you might find Amber in some of these systems:
* d20
* Unisystem
* Nobilis (Links were on the old GoO boards, which I belive is gone now :( )
* GURPS (Steve Jackson message boards)
* Fudge (Fred Hicks = Iago)

I can search my hard drive; at one point I may have saved some of these but I didn't like any as well as Erick's basic model. I know I have seen all of these at one time or another, but sometimes they vanish suddenly.

Let me also mention that I wasn't sure I could pull Amber off at all until I actually played in a game run by Erick. The Amber system looks so simple, but getting a proper feel for its interactions was hard for me until I actually got to see the system in action. You might look for a local game group or convention running the game to give it a look before you try to run it yourself. Just a thought.

Search also 'Everway' and House of Cards campaign.

James McMurray:

Nine Worlds has been suggested, but the designer of the game has said some things things which might be seen as derogatory and/or patronizing toward ADRPG fans, which prompted a backlash (including Pundit calling him names)...


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