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Allies: Do you use/allow them?

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--- Quote from: James McMurray ---"Of course we're friends, which is why you're the only one I'll trust with such an important and difficult task."
--- End quote ---

Yup. Just like Caine. :D

This won't mean much to the others, but Jong; keep in mind that essentially, in the campaign we played, Gerard was effectively a good example of an "Ally" for you throughout the game.  Even if you didn't spend the points to have him as such.

And Gerard was fucking useful to you; but at the same time that relationship came with all kinds of costs for you, and NOT because Gerard was trying to fuck you over, but because of all kinds of other things.


Not just allow, but encourage.

I do allow them. However, I think it is extremely difficult to connect the relationships at the game start.

IOW, I might prefer that a Player says, "I'd like to have a couple allies in the Courts."

OK. How much do you want to spend? How sure are you of this ally? How public is the connection? How powerful at court is the ally?

While I will work with the Player to get this stuff hammered out up front, I usually only like to hand out such points if there is a "story" behind it that links the point spend to the PC's personal legend.

So if you've saved the lives of a couple Chaosi nobles, I'd like to hear about it and then I will know what kind of allies you have for your points.

Not only do I allow them, but I take it a step further and let players buy *enemies* for the other players' characters. A few have even taken me up on it :)


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