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Mechwarrior Destiny - rules light, quality game for Battletech fans

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That actually sounds pretty neat, at least for me - since if I played MWD, it would most likely be a solo game about a mercenary company.  I could just focus on the starting lance and build up as needed.

Also, to be fair, the game does give you the broad outline of the state of the Battletech universe in the 2 specific eras... 3025 (Third Succession War) and ~3050 (Clan Invasion)... so even for people with zero knowledge of the universe, the MW:D rulebook is pretty self-contained as a roleplaying book. You really don't need the billions of BattleTech supplements to play this game, and all the key battlemechs are included... so even the Technical Readout Manuals are not necessary at all.

Doing it as a solo exercise sounds like it would work. It's not a complex, bloated system (which I feel would bog down a solo experience... as was the case for me with Twilight:2000 4e. I love Free League, but that's not a solo game for me).

MW:D is just very simple and clean in its primary dice roll rules. 2d6+skill/stat is very traditional, and it works.

And, yeah, I think the Cue system would probably even play well for solo. Set up Cues and Meta tags into an Oracle, and then you have a very very functional solo experience.


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