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Author Topic: Getting ready for the Savage Tide Adventure Path in Dungeon Magazine  (Read 3143 times)


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1/2 page of credits, no ToC.
1/2 page intro and short stats for the city of Sasserine
2 pages Azure district
2 pages Champion's district
2 pages Cudgel district
2 pages Merchant district
2 pages Noble district
2 pages Shadowshore district
1 page Sunrise district
1 page rundown of organizations
1 page ad for Dungeon subscription

As always, players can just come up with normal pc's for the upcoming adventures, (meant to take them from 1st level to 20th and perhaps beyond) but the writing will assume that pc's will be native to Sasserine, and for those who want to have pc's with more of a connection to the game world, the players guide gives basic info without giving away secrets players aren't meant to know.

I don't know enough about Greyhawk history to know the specifics, but apparently the first "Savage Tide" was a horrible event where everyone in a city was suddenly transformed into monsters, and the entire city reduced to rubble in a matter of days.  This evil is about to be unleashed on the world again.

The Savage Tides Players guide has a full city map on the inside cover, and more detailed maps of the city districts in each section.

The city of Sasserine is a port city of 15-16 thousand people located on the edge of the known world near the Amedio Jungle. The city was founded 700 years ago, in -127 CY, by a cleric of Wee Jas named Sasserine and other pilgrims from the north. Currently guided by the "Dawn council" made up of the seven leading families of the city, one from each of the seven districts.

Each of the district sections give info on what function the district fulfills, facts about the city watch in the district, important npc's, common religious worship, and locations within the district.

Azure District
The main waterfront, slums and lower class citizens. Ruling family are also the harbormasters. Exotic pets available nowhere else can be purchased here if you know the right people and can get a permit. Those coming from the district will normally worship a trio of minor deities related to ships and the sea. Osprem, Procan, and Xerbo. The district feat is "Water Rat" which gives a bonus to swim checks, and increases the pc's non-armored/non-encumbered swim speed.

Champion District
A district of warriors, gladiators, and such.  Represented on the council by an old family of city aristocrats.  The district contains the gladiatorial arena and there are regular contests used to settle arguments and debts. One recent feature is the Scarlet Embassy, and the brotherhood's ambassador seems to be fitting in well. Kord and St. Cuthbert are the primary deities worshiped, with Wee Jas being worshiped privately.  District feats are:
"Arena Blood" bonuses to combat maneuvers attempted while others are watching, and also to intimidate checks.
"Steadfast Loyalty" bonus to Will saves vs. fear, charm, and compulsion, and a bonus to Leadership.

Cudgel District
Primarily residential, and primarily crime free due to the watch, and to the church of St. Cuthbert. The church of Kord is the other main religion in the district tough the new Church of Whirling Fury is starting to raise questions due to it's lack of windows and the chains on it's doors. People in the district rarely leave and find the idea of adventuring strange and scary. Those in armor or with openly displayed weapons are shunned and may by overcharged by the merchants. District feat: "Suspicious Eye" bonus to Sense Motive checks and increases the dc's for anyone trying to use Slight of Hand against you.

Merchant District
Many times the first place people see when arriving in Sasserine, and the only one you may need to. Shops selling everything from magic items and food, to exotic poisons.  The noblewoman who represents the district is obsessed with drow.  Worship of Fharlanghn is common, but many faiths are represented.  District feat: "Merchant's Tongue"  bonus starting money and Diplomacy check to get a sell items for more.

Noble District
Home to the arcanists and other guilds, a district on the decline as noble family’s bicker and fight among themselves. City watch officers are undercover as normal citizens and travelers. Worship of Wee Jas is most prevalent, only a few worshipers of Kord. District feats: "Academy Graduate" 3 Cha skills become class skills, bonus to Knwl:History and Knwl: Nobility & Royalty.  "Knack for Magic" Bonus to Spellcraft, use of three 0 level spells as a 1st level caster.

Shadowshore District
To use the SW cliché, a hive of scum and villainy. Rules given for the black market with varying DC's to contact depending on which district you are in. Little worship of deities, but a few clerics of Olidammara. District feat: "Child of the Shadow" Bonus to Diplomacy and Gather Info checks to learn about the black market, bonus to Init in urban areas. Enemies also cannot gain cover from you if within your reach.

Sunrise District
A residential district with connections to the many plantations around Sasserine. Pelor is the most commonly worshiped deity, and connected to the watch, though most recognized faiths are found and welcome. District feat: "Student of Nature" Bonus to Handle Animal, Knwl: Nature, and Survival skill checks, and to Fort saves vs. special attacks from plant creatures.

This section is home to the only major error that I have seen, for some reason the section on groups that pc's could be affiliated with was tossed into this section. It's still workable but was still a bit annoying to me in what was otherwise a great product.

This section has info on groups in the city.
The Church of Whirling Fury, - a new and mysterious group
The Dawn Council - the ruling council
The Scarlet Brotherhood - what they want in Susserine is unknown
The Seekers - a group of treasure seekers
The Witchwardens - mage guild
Zelkarune's Horns - rangers, big game hunters, and gladiators who hunt treasure, glory, and for new creatures to grace the arena.

Final thoughts,
Has the book done what it was meant to?  I think so, for myself at least I am excited and waiting for the upcoming adventures, and hope to run them for a group, or enjoy them as a player, depending on what kind of a group I find after moving, either way I expect this booklet to get use. There is no Open Game Content, and I don't think it would be a perfect 10 even without the error of putting the Affiliations section in with the Sunrise district.  The error does drop it down a point in my rating, so I will give it an 7/10  

It cost me $5 and I feel that I should get my moneys worth from it, but I wish that I had known that it was going to be released as a free download later on.  

I don’t know that I would have really recommend it to people not using the adventures, though I know that some people enjoy the sparse gazetteer type format with broad outlines given and loads for the DM to create as they go, however as it is now available for free download I would suggest it to anyone looking for an interesting out of the way seaport.
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