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Author Topic: From the Mud review  (Read 109 times)


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From the Mud review
« on: January 20, 2023, 07:05:46 AM »
From the Mud: A mini souls like Cairn hack by Cueinn

You like Dark Souls? You like Cairn, or pheraphs Into the Odd? Well if so then you'll like From the Mud. In it you play undead, raised from the Mud to free people, kick ass, and overthrow tyrants. Overall, this is the best one page rpg I've ever played my eyes on. It's a hidden gem through and through.

The game shines in its simple yet thematic, mechanics for playing as undead. Take for example, what happens when you go below 0 hp. You don't die but the next stat will save you, lowering your stats. However, scars aren't permanent. You can remove them by replacing the body part they affect. Even the daftest of gms can see the story hooks.
 You also heal from sitting by a fire, a nice little reference.

Another thematic mechanic is the advancement system. You raise a stat or hp by one when you finish a little quest. These quests include, freeing or recruiting people, raiding a tyrant, or investing in your gang. You can raise twice, when you overthrow a tyrant. This creates a very specific play style. If you're not onboard with it, you won't enjoy the game. If you are onboard you'll love it. This is my only real problem with the game. However, I think it would be worse to wear without it.

In conclusion, you're probably wondering about the rest of the game. What about combat, resolution, stats, you may ask. Well I want you to find out, and make an opinion on your own. The game is free on itch, and prints out on one page. It folds into a nice zine format, and it's filled with art. I'll be the first to admit it's pretty bare bones, only 2 or 3 minutes at most. However, it's pretty genius for its tiny form, and very fun. So check it out at

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this review! :)
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