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"Covert Generation": Generation Gap Becomes Generation War

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--- Quote from: JongWK ---IMHO, reviewers should make it clear if they're linked to a company or not. Conflicts of interests and all that, you know...
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I think that if publisher wants to promote their games on this site they can post blog/news entries. I don't want these sort of things posted in the reviews section since it supposed to be for fair and unbiased reveiws.

Yes. I have absolutely no problem with any publisher plugging their games on the site; so long as they don't spam and so long as they make it clear that they are affiliated with the product they're promoting!


I really can't say I appreciate the accusation, either.

I actually registered for an account last week, but didn't get around to verifying it until quite recently.

I'm a frequent poster at Animalball, and read about there, as well as at the RPG Pundit's homepage, where I'm a fairly frequent lurker. I'm not a fan of RPG.NET because of their heavy handed moderators, and thought that I would come try to make a virtual home here with you guys. MCrow's email really surprised me.

For the record, I'm a professional PR flak and copywriter, and know my way around that world well enough to not try something stupid like passing an advertisement off as a review. Why would I do that, when I could just talk to one of your guys about doing a review of the product? The simple truth is that I was contacted by Caz, who I have never, ever met and asked to review his game. I've posted this review in exactly two places: RPGNEWS (the author's request) and here: it was my idea.

If you want to attack my review on its own merits, that's fine, but why do you have to attack my integrity, too?

I just got an email back from Matt (the poster of the review) and he is most defintely not associated with the publisher.

I think I may have offended him, and if I did, I'm sorry. That was not my intention.

Ok, Matt. I'm sorry, but it was just that your review was pretty overwhelmingly positive, and you came out of nowhere. Perhaps you can understand how it would have been misinterpreted as a "hidden ad", given that this sort of thing HAS happened before with smaller publishers on gaming sites.

If you state that you're not associated with the company that made this game, then that's fine; we'll take you at your word.  I hope you'll continue to post here and post more reviews for other games that strike your fancy.



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