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Carbon Grey RPG (a new d6 rulebook and licensed setting)

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The comic must walk an interesting line with its fans.  But to be honest, problematic potential is only potentially problematic.  If you don't go there, it never happens or it only happens off stage.  That level of control is a feature, you get to tell the stories that you want (unless you're gaming with Adam Koebel. :) )

I liked the comics. It's a visual medium, and the quality of the visuals was there.

Sexy/fetish looks are there, but actual sexy time takes place "off stage"... and there's no actual nudity. It's generic manga-style Europe enough that users can talk about its qualities. Dismemberment, blood and gore all have a place in the panels, but actual naked tiddies do not have a place. So, in that way, it's non-problematic entertainment for the sensitive members of the audience... with extreme levels of violence and staying shy of yucky stuff like nekkid girls.

Sexytime is very much implied in the comics, though. So there's that. I guess you might call it "gonzo". There's an exaggerated violence and also the fetishistic look of the fashion/outfits. It's definitely a striking look in the comics, and that shows in the RPG book.


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