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Adventurer Conqueror King System: Player's Companion

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Well, the main rationale for bolting ACKS onto OSE was the fact that we've been playing OSE for the past couple years and my players, all family members, are pretty comfortable with the rules.  But with all the current nonsense surrounding OSE/Exalted Funeral and their Discord BS, I may just get rid of my OSE stuff and use ACKS on its own, or with my Rules Compendium. 

The systems are pretty close anyhow.  They have proficiencies in the RC, and the armor class thing is easy to swap either way.  I like the ACKS rules, though the silhouette monster pics are weak as hell.  And the couple adventures I bought for it are pretty sweet. 

After going through the ACKS books a bit more, I'll definitely mash it up with my current OSE/DCC game.  I really like the new race classes and additional spell lists & spell mechanics.  We'll use proficiencies, but BECMI style.  But I'll keep the standard descending AC from B/X, augmented by the DCC crits & fumbles but adding the damage bonus for certain classes from ACKS.  Also plan to bring some of their domain rules in.  For awhile I've been thinking about running a Blackmoor campaign using my old 80s DA series modules.  This combo looks like it will work great with that, especially some of the Chaotic PC/NPC options.  Thinking a Witch Queen servitor of the Egg of Coot sounds pretty fun.....


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