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It seems like an odd complaint for someone who maintains their biological characteristics make them more suited than others for their job.
We do live in an uncaring universe, where humans are an unimportant and meaningless species among many, on a worthless speck of a planet. So extrapolating that to a roleplaying setting has always been easy to me   8)

But I'm neither a nihilist, nor a misanthrope. I consider human meaning to be something we create ourselves, be it love, faith, art, or exploring the universe. The very act of deciding we're going to do something, then doing it, is our meaning, and reason to exist.

Burning the old book, and keeping the gate shut for another 100 years is a big win from our POV. It may be the equivalent of a child pulling the covers over its head, but we like the covers thank you very much.

I've likewise never had a problem finding the heroism in Warhammer 40k. Yes the Imperium are an awful, oppressive regime; but the alternative is death or an eternity of horror. Pushing back the darkness, living another day, these are victories are poignant as any Marvel MCU "we stopped the beam in the sky from destroying the Milky Way Galaxy!"

Now they have 'Age of Sigmar', which most of the older WFB fans consider to be both fake and gay.

I can confirm.
Well, it sounds like you got it figured out. :)
Well that's a shame. With anthologies you can normally pan for the odd gold nugget, 8x swing-and-a-miss is actually kind of impressive.

It's funny how old schlock like Creepshow were made as disposable entertainment, but manage to have diamonds in the rough.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Willow series
« Last post by Thornhammer on December 03, 2022, 11:24:04 PM »
I wonder if Dove’s issue in the carriage wasn’t due to her dalliances with the prince.

Also didn’t like Kit. Or her girlfriend. Prince Hastur just sorta occupies space.

The other guy, Boorman, he’s cool. Dove is surprisingly good.

I’m on the fence about it in general, but it started off better than Andor and that took until episode 3 to get good, so it’ll at least get next week.
Skimming a "Let's Read" elsewhere, it looks like they have gone full railroad: "the characters advance two levels in this chapter of the adventure: one after going to X, and the other on reaching Y."

No major choice, no real consequence.

I don't have the book, never read it, and honestly have no desire to, but I'm just going to say that milestone advancement does not always equate to a railroad. These types of pre-written adventure are intended for characters to be at a minimum level as they progress through the story, but typically not above a certain level either. Characters are generally allowed do whatever they want between plot-points, but shouldn't expect to gain much (if any) experience for doing so.

The better written adventures of this sort use "timed events" rather than "scripted events," meaning if the characters lallygag too often, the plot can move beyond them, usually making things harder for them. Missed your meeting with the enemy defector? Oops, they caught up to him and killed him. Now how are going to learn of the secret entrance to their stronghold?

Done right, it can be a lot of fun. That being said, I don't think the smoothbrains over WotC are capable of pulling something like this off.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: RPGnet's decay (TBP madness)
« Last post by Grognard GM on December 03, 2022, 11:18:02 PM »
I tried to live and let-live with the Lizard people. I even tried romancing a Lizard lady, but ended up with egg on my face.

If they've got nothing to hide, why do they wear Human disguises, and only show up in freeze-framed TV recordings?

Remember, a Lizard is just a snake with delusions of grandeur.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Willow series
« Last post by Grognard GM on December 03, 2022, 10:50:35 PM »
I expected Willow to have become an accomplished sorcerer. But then, they also de-powered Elora Dannan to the point where she can't even cast a beginner spell, and Willow believes she's lost her aptitude for magic at all.

That's every sequel of the past decade. Every hero that finished the movie or series as a hopeful winner, poised to right wrongs, is revealed to now be washed up and a failure. Only new DELUXO-BRAND tick box cardboard hero can clean up the shit the stupid old person left behind them.

Cue old hero turning evil, or dying pointlessly, once the cameo used for the trailer is over.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Willow series
« Last post by Ratman_tf on December 03, 2022, 10:45:15 PM »
It's in an odd place. I can see this series going Hard Woke, but so far there's nothing that's too aggregious, or couldn't be taken as setup for future payoff.

What series are you watching?  The only male characters (other than Willow) are totally outshined by all of the women.

What series are you watching? Boorman has been shown to be just as competent, plus he's got more experience than the others, to where he's slapped down some of the idealism of the young characters.

It so woke that the primary female characters can't even be in love with a man.

Wat? Where did the show demonstrate that she can't be in love with a man? Her objection was to an arranged marriage.

And Willow is being set up to be a spectator in his own series (Boba Fett, is that you?).

That I'm worried about. I expected Willow to have become an accomplished sorcerer. But then, they also de-powered Elora Dannan to the point where she can't even cast a beginner spell, and Willow believes she's lost her aptitude for magic at all.

Every character we're supposed to like is a whiny, female, teenage narcissist,

I'm not sure we're supposed to like them. Like I said, Sorscha berated Kit for being a petulant child.

and the male characters are old, incapable, or "toxic" (how dare the prince like having sex with multiple women!  Only powerful women like She-Hulk are allowed to have sex without consequences).  This thing is so woke that it makes caffeine blush...

Again, wat? The problem they had wasn't that the prince liked having sex with multiple women. The problem was they questioned his ability to "settle down" with just one.

Some of your criticisms I agree with, but others seem like you're jumping at woke shadows.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: RPGnet's decay (TBP madness)
« Last post by Dan Davenport on December 03, 2022, 10:44:50 PM »
Racism against lizard people in the real world is a real issue with a horrible history.  When the conspiracy people can't blame the Jews they always shift to the lizard people.  When oh when will the lizard people know justice?!

When the scales are balanced, of course.
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