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I can't think of a better way to discourage players from ever playing a cleric than strategically withholding spells.

Why? Theres always going to be situations where you cant cast one, two, or all your spells for whatever reason. Anti-magic zones go way back and at least one older module had players investigating why certain spells had stopped working. And this applies to magic users too. Moreso because a MU can only get more spells, past their personal research each level, from scrolls and other sources. And BX didnt even allow for that.

So the cleric cant use certain spells for an adventure? Oh boo-hoo-hoo. Cry me a river.
like so many isekai and isekai-adjacent manga, because it plays D&D-isms and/or MMO-isms so straight and literally, like having bona fide classes, skills, and levels as real things in the settings.

Um... To my knowledge Goblin Slayer is not an Isekai.

Now game mechanics in a show... Thats its own genre and goes quite a ways back. First one I ever heard of was Dragon Pink. The advertisements for it in VHS showed definite game elements. Theres probably older ones. Not counting cartoons actually set in games like Pac Man.  8)
Off topic but speaking of adaptions...

I am still surprised that WOTC never hyped 5es versatility like they did with 3e. They seemed to be prepping for it early on. Then nada.

This is looking to be the first edition to lack an attendant Gamma World game. But considering the massive botch of the ones for 3 and 4e... Maybe its for the best.
Spider-Ham was (and should remain) a joke.

Just because you liked it doesn't make it not a tokenized character. Do you know the definition of a tokenized character?

Peter Porker was great!

Finally the cartoon pigs get representation.

It was a great joke. For anthropomorphic animals as superheroes DC did it first and did it better.

Its not anthropomorphics. Its good ol funny animals. And that goes way back to characters like Captain Marvel Bunny, yes thats a real thing, and the aforementioned Captain Carrot. DC oddly had alot of these over the years.

Marvel seemed to rarely venture into the funny animal realm in the mainstream comics till Spider Ham. But their sideline lines did to varying degrees.

Pretty sure someones done a write-up for some of these for both companies attendant RPGs.

Who knows what sort of botch WOTC would make of a superhero RPG now.
Gen Con is also requiring you to show your papers to gain entry.
Glory to Arstotzka, Comrade.

I don't know if this has anything to do with Wokeness, but his Sage/Twitter answers do often seem to make special effort to be bad/perverse.

This started long before any SJW hints and is very noticeable sometimes. And it is very obviously not because of his proclaimed different playing style.

Someone had a list of some of the more WTF answers but cant find it now. But the "Only one hour of continuous combat can break a long rest" still stands out as poster child for something being seriously the fuck wrong.
Does the average dungeon even contain an hour of total combat encounters? In my experience, assuming 1 turn is about 6 seconds, the average combat encounter lasts about 30 seconds. That's 120 combat encounters per hour. It's a "technically" valid reading of the rules, and to be fair any combination of different strenuous activities would count against the hour, but it'd be absurd for him to not at least advise against doing it that way, since he's supposed to be offering sage advice. It's kinda in the name.
Depends on the dungeon. I know when I ran Caverns of Quasqueton it took multiple days for the party to clear it to their satisfaction.

Admittedly, this also included salvaging as much of the furnishings as possible to sell off, and plotting to murder the architect.

No, in this case he meant specifically if a long rest was in action then there was no way of breaking it short of continuous non-stop combat for one whole hour.
Media and Inspiration / Re: The Movie Thread Reloaded
« Last post by Omega on Today at 02:09:14 AM »
Oh joy. Critical Role has their own adult D&D animated series now...

Looks good. But the trailer did not impress.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Is Woke media always dreary?
« Last post by Stephen Tannhauser on Today at 01:42:15 AM »
If you have a producer or an actor posting shit about the thing on Twitter that's so racist it would make a Klansman blush, it's probably going to be classified as Woke.

And the irony is that that usually worsens reactions, by priming people to look for messaging they might quite cheerfully not have noticed without it or even to infer a hostile message where it wasn't actually intended.

I personally think Captain Marvel would still have struck me as a poorly written film whatever its hype said, but Brie Larson's rather vocal pro-feminist promotion sent me into the theatre braced for sucker punches rather than relaxed and willing to cut it slack.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Is Woke media always dreary?
« Last post by S'mon on Today at 01:39:01 AM »
Overall, I don't feel like I have a good grasp on what you consider to be woke. I mentioned Steven Universe before - that seems very woke to me, but not hate filled or dreary. On the other end, what do you think about black revenge films - like Django Unchained (2012) or the Birth of a Nation (2016)? Would you consider them to be woke and/or dreary?

I've not watched any of these, my understanding is that the latter two are certainly Woke. I guess Steven Universe is woke at least somewhat. But not having seen these I'm just guessing from what I've read.
They're all there, stored for posterity. I've got a playlist here.
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