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(*I used to be one of them.  "Why use a weirdly marked up d8, when you can use a regular d8 and a reference sheet" was my way of thinking.  And it still holds merit!  But ultimately it's just a variation of "new things are bad" thinking, and I'd rather not reflexively hate on that when it's just a matter of familiarity.)
And price. Those custom dice ain't cheap, are hard to get in some places, and you can only use them for one game system.

And when one day the publisher drops the game line, and the dice are no longer produced, even with the books available from eBay it's still an extra hurdle* to pass if you want to get into that game.
(unlike for example OD&D for which the dice are still readily available).

*) (yes, I have the free dice roller app that includes the FFG SW funky dice :) )
GURPS 3e. You can do anything with it.

"Your mileage clearly varies from mine" preface.

I like GURPS 3e, but it isn't the best DIY toolkit out there.  And that's without considering David Pulver's books (it's been literally over 15 years since I played GURPS, and I remember his name and why I like/hate his works).  I'd take HERO or M&M if I wanted something that gave me better/more tools to build with out of the box, or Savage Worlds if I just wanted to make stuff up as needed.  And they all have their own flaws I'm well aware of.       

Honestly, the best "you can do anything with it" systems are always going to be supers systems.  And more specifically, those super systems that do a good job supporting multiple genres and power levels (see you in Hell then Heroes Unlimited, AMP, and Aberrant).  And GURPS 3e isn't a supers system. 

Also, the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Easily run level 1 to Demigod. No other edition allows the concise Immortal/sphere rules that the RC provides. So, if you're clever, you can advance your PC to godhood, not just "I'm a 20th-Level Badass!"

I thought the RC ended at (a slightly trimmed down version of) the Master ruleset, with Immortal rules still in another boxed set (and later sourcebook, that's now a free download IIRC)?
Fighters & Thieves, the RPG.

Fighter is too much a generic term. Thug is better.

Thugs & Thieves - The RPG
  • In-depth intimidation rules, with a called shots table for limbs you threaten to break
  • Elaborate mechanics for avoiding the law.
  • Or play AS the law, collect treasure to level up by entering the lairs of tax dodgers and then throwing them in dungeons
The difference is sex.   
I did not say that sex did not matter. What I did say was that skill matters, too, and the clip was a good illustration of a person of low skill not understanding until too late that they had low skill.
Quote from: oggsmash
I think you probably know very, very little as to what is expected of a modern infantry soldier.
Most do know little of it. In short: whatever the profession, it never hurts to be stronger and tougher. Nobody ever says, "I wish I wasn't so strong, it makes my job so hard." The only question is, since getting stronger and tougher requires training, how do you balance that with all the other things you need to train?
Quote from: Rob
Unarmed combat in the armed forces is given lip service at best these days (which is bad, imo).
I think it's been that way for a long time, it certainly was in the Australian forces in the 1990s, same in NZ and UK from what I saw of them. And I was told it was the same in the early 1970s. The military like all large bureaucracies is very slow to change.
Quote from: Rob
I respect her 'grit' but not her unsporting attitude.
I took that as a measure of her disillusionment. Angry and disappointed with herself, she projected that onto her opponent.

  For clarity:  I do not disagree that skill matters.  What I meant is, I can not see that the guy is skilled beyond the bare bones basics.  Given the woman's body language and what she did when hit, she is the same level (around 6 months in a gym 2-3 times a day).  100 percent of the difference as to the outcomes in that ring were because the guy hit harder, was faster, and a lot stronger.   I agree she was low skill.  But so was he.  This was not a case of him having good skill, and hers being poor.  They were both low skill.  We never even see how the guy would react if hit, because he is essentially just hitting a heavy bag (and sloppily at that).    If both parties are low skill, then another determination will decide a victor.  In this case, strength, speed, the things separating a man and a woman, so sex was the big factor.

   I am not arguing that if she was Amanda Nunes she could not have had a much better result (but the reality is Amanda is strong and fast too, and we put her in there with a 145 pound male pro, she gets her ass kicked badly) but it would be for skill reasons of course, but also more physical parity.   Again, Amanda in there fighting a 145 pound male UFC entry level fighter...she gets destroyed, and it will not be due to lack of skill.
Not sure, as I haven't seen it in person or played it, but the sense I get is that MORK BORG is vapid style with virtually no substance or content.  But hey, cast your vote if that's your choice.

And there's better coffee table RPG books out there too (HOL, Degenesis Rebirth, Alpha Omega, Savage Worlds: Low Life, Don't Lose Your Mind, etc.), but to each their own.
The FFG cycle of RPG publication:

1)  FFG starts publishing RPGs, and they're not (all) terrible.  Some are even, dare I say, good.
2)  Production slows.
3)  FFG cancels their TTRPG publishing.
4)  All is quiet for a time.
5)  FFG announces they are committing to publishing TTRPGs again!
6)  Goto 1.

I think this is the third time they've pulled this cycle.  Maybe 4th?

Edge is not FFG. A lot of people assume it is, but it's not.

You're right.

I was trying to say FFG had gotten in and out and back in to the TTRPG biz multiple times now.  With Asmodee gutting their TTRPG branch and moving it to Edge, maybe FFG is finally, really done.

And while I get a lot of people hate "funky dice" for Genesys*, I'm kinda' curious to see what a TI or Midnight game would bring. 

(*I used to be one of them.  "Why use a weirdly marked up d8, when you can use a regular d8 and a reference sheet" was my way of thinking.  And it still holds merit!  But ultimately it's just a variation of "new things are bad" thinking, and I'd rather not reflexively hate on that when it's just a matter of familiarity.)
I'm amazed you can still get the original Stargate SG1 by Alderac on Drivethru. I would have thought their licence would have come to an end (although I note the new game is film-based, whereas the old one is based off the TV series). But no, in answer to your question, I thought about picking it up but haven't yet.
That's not correct.  The new game, just like the old, is based off of the TV series.
In that case, I remain surprised.
Not only that, men are stronger for the same amount of weight. Compare Olympic lifting records in the same weight category, for men and women, the men's records are significantly more.

Were significantly more.  Now that men are allowed to compete in women's categories...

At the present time, the men's records are still significantly more - essentially unchanged from prior years. I presume you're talking about transgender athletes, but the only transgender athlete to participate in Olympic weightlifting has not won any medals, placing last in her group of women in the last Olympics.

  Badly injured with a blown out elbow in the deep 40's.   I think saying what you do here, with zero context is misleading.   Healthy, that would not have been the case, at all.   I can understand there are lots of people with zero actual experience in contact sports and strength sports, so their perception of those worlds comes from black and white on paper, or talking heads on screens.   
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