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There is no reason for any RPG company to be in any expensive to live state in the US.

There's no reason for any of the software companies to be in expensive cities either.  I've been doing my government programming job from home for 19 months now. 
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« Last post by Kiero on Today at 07:54:29 PM »

Indeed, even though "vaccinated" people carry the exact same viral load as the unvaccinated when infected. Because their "immunity" doesn't actually stop them getting infected or spreading the virus. So everyone needs the same "protection" by being jabbed or their "protection" doesn't work properly. Duh.
I'm curious how we will see the end of Master Vampires and Drow, Mind Flayers, Lamias, and Rakshasa's no longer have slaves. What is a politically correct fantasy adventure? What is a simulacrum of the past that has been purged of elements of the past (and the present because Libyan slave markets are a thing).

At some point it really is doomed to be a vapid incoherent cosplay constantly revised mad libs with a manipulative pseudo-legal social process to maintain a safe space. At some point that will not be anything youtubers want to watch actors perform.
I agree they should be a virtual company at this point.  However they don't so if they decide to be in person then they have to be where the talent is and for the 30 odd people they want that doesn't surprise me it's in the greater Seattle area.  Lots of RPG professionals in that area.  But it could be relatively close to Seattle and still find cheaper everything.  Renton/Tukwilla is close enough, close the warehouses, airport and much more affordable. 

I see no benefit for them to stay in the Seattle area.

There is no reason for any RPG company to be in any expensive to live state in the US.

RPG's can literally be done anywhere. Not going where the cost is cheaper is silly. - But people like fashionable and trendy addresses.

I see no real reason why Paizo shouldn't be a fully virtual company. ...

As someone who works from home but used to do the same job in an office, there are communication and proximity advantages to having people at an office.

But Baizuo's office space should be much smaller, with far fewer employees than it has. Pundit was right. PF2 has not grabbed enough players back from 5e, and it has split its own fanbase on top of it.

Baizuo cannot continue to function like they are WotC's equals. Something will give.

Recognizing their commie union is only the first step on a longer downward journey.
It's always a good question to ask the DM before you roll up an archery-based character. "Do you do friendly-fire rules for firing arrows at targets that have melee combatants near? Same question, but single-target ranged spells? Two allied melee combatants attacking the same enemy?"

Given that some classes in some games (Like 5e Rogues) have bonuses for attacking enemies that are distracted by your allies engaging them in melee, it matters.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« Last post by DocJones on Today at 06:54:06 PM »
I see no real reason why Paizo shouldn't be a fully virtual company. Thought this for a long time. Trying to run a traditional company model makes no sense when you can easily share & collaborate online. I believe the only reason this model has clung on for so long is precisely because the TTRPG industry is so insular and clique-oriented. That's not going to work out for much longer.
If I am using a d20 system,  I will let the player know there is a chance they could hit an ally. Usually, I tell them it is about a 1 in 3.

I count up from the bottom of the die. A 1 in 3 chance would be a 1-7 on the d20 when the brave archer rolls.
Generally I don't give any modifiers, but if someone tries to shoot through someone else (read: there is a straight line with their target behind someone else) I'm going to make them shoot the person between them. I don't have overpenetration as a mechanic, though if I did I'd rule that if someone is dealt lethal damage by a projectile, it hits whatever is behind it with reduced damage.

Another suggestion is that you make a penalty to roll (-4) and possibly a chance to hit your buddy. Of course, if you're shooting wild and trying to pepper an area full of bullets (something I also don't really have rules for because I found it too complicated; didn't fit with my system), you're most likely going to hit your buddies.

If you're playing D&D or any other system with alignments, I'd say that Good aligned people won't shoot into melee unless there's extenuating circumstances, like the price of not doing so meaning more people would be hurt. Or if your buddy is immune to arrows or something.
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