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As per the subject, how do you go about making your own setting for a new campaign? What's your method and where do you start?

So far I've got a new setting for my home campaign and it's going through a bit of an identity crisis and we haven't even had our first real session yet. Ive got a starting town, a bbeg and some notable npcs but thats really about it. As well as a few games or movies that we, as a group, decided we kind of like so including Warhammer Fantasy, Dragon Age 1 and 2, the Witcher, Diablo II, Greyhawk, and historical folklore. Right now i'm deciding how much real world inspiration i should take versus how much heavy metal I should inject.

A few key points we have so far
-Gods are not active in the world, and there are multiple pantheons and religions. Much like the real world there is no universal truth.
-BBEG is an undead immortal blaming the current kingdom of reynes for the crimes against his people hundreds of years ago under a different king. So the kingdom is being treated as an entity in his philosophy as opposed to individuals
-Magic is dangerous and i'm assuming most people are familiar with the concept of magic but otherwise havn't actually seen it first hand.
-Heavy use of the realm of Faerie, my goblins originally come from Faerie and would normally fall under winter court though some tribes have set themselves up in the material world on a slightly more permanent basis leading to two groups of goblins. Those with strong connections to the fae and those a bit more familiar to your average RPG player.
-Social class and titles of nobility are meaningful and carry a lot of weight.
-Gunpowder is in its early stages, most kingdoms tend to focus on either bows, crossbows or firearms. We are still in bow country.

Anyway this is what i have so far i'd also like any suggestions or maybe what i'm trying to make already fits an existing setting and i should just stick my adventure in one of those
Umm, there are notable exceptions to the RPGs = gambling not taking off in the US. In several prisons and jails in the US, RPGs are considered gambling and considered contraband for inmates.

Thats not a whole state outlawing RPGs.
Does anyone think the Zulu empire was achieved by peaceful means?

EVERYBODY conquered and enslaved. Whites were just better at it for a time.

If I was black and could prove my tribe had been conquered by Shaka Zulu could I demand an apology from Zulu-descended, even reparations?

Hilariously most whites were bad at slavery and relied on natives wanting to get rid of people for their supply. If Africa and such werent so good at slavery the whole problem would have likely gone differently. But nope. Its all the white mans fault.

But to the SJWs its never going get pointed out because they feed on convincing people they are the victim and pitting them against someone else. Every iterations done this in some format large or small.
My boss called everyone into town for a in-person work meeting, but required that (only) unvaccinated employees wear masks. I got some weird looks for declining. A week later the meeting was cancelled because the 60-something-year-old boss suddenly came down with acute appendicitis and had to get surgery.

Guess what the most common serious side effect of COVID vaccination is?
Dude. At least TBP will rub your face in it and make their bias public. That is so spineless.

BGG is all about covert control rather than overt. They are what The Other Place would have been with more competent subversives running it.

A game is dissaproved of? They will just quietly blind the game to searches and hotness. Or they will keep it in "WIP" limbo under some cocked up excuse. etc ad BGGium. Rarely does the curtain get pulled back enough to see the ugly gears turning.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Here's your Mask Protocol
« Last post by Kiero on Today at 10:25:15 AM »
"Tortorous"? It was never touted as an immortality elixir; breakthrough infections were expected, but are observed to be of lower frequency and intensity, reducing both hospitalizations and deaths. The rates for the older unvaccinated are much higher than the rates for the larger older vaccinated group.

You're doing it again. You have to construct this fictional ideal of "preventing hospitalisations and deaths" because it fails in the primary job of a real vaccine, which is preventing infection in the first place.

The China vaccine for Wuhan flu, Sinovac, is a real vaccine that contains inactive virus.
However we can't get it here.

It doesn't prevent infection, because none of the "vaccines" on the market can. 60-odd years of research into coronavirus vaccines have been an utter failure.

I wish people could take the Pandemic seriously without having to bring in the Illuminati.


Why should I take bad colds any more seriously than I have done every year before 2020? I had covid in January, I've had worse flu. It was a nothing burger, because I'm healthy.

Boy, that was fast!  ??? My post was removed as "dismissive", but a mod assured me in private that "I'm not a bad person and I'm not getting a warning".

I wasn't even able to save it  :-

Anyway, interesting: true, my post was about why this problem, IMHO, doesn't exists, so, true, it was "dismissive"...

...Which means that you cannot dismiss the problem. I know forms of cancer that are less pernicious.

On BGG? I am rather surprised. Usually they just let the nuts shout down any dissenters rather than actually go after the 'problematic' posters.
For fucks sakes, people, quit posting there. Quit reading there. Ignore that place. has, for time immemorial, been a cavalcade of asswipes. Too many of the voices there are the keyboard equivalent of the bean burrito special, and that is their sole purpose in life.  Let places like that suffocate in their own filth.

Play your games. Take what you want off your shelf, get together with like-minded friends, and have fun. It's that simple.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« Last post by FelixGamingX1 on Today at 09:57:10 AM »
So, this is Australia right now.

I find it silly how you can enter AU as a citizen, but they won’t let you leave.
   For the greater good of the collective citizen.  You wouldnt want to be considered selfish/racist/genocidal now would you?  because if you are out there breathing the air freely, you are dangerous.

Strange flex, at least in the US we remain largely free to decide for ourselves how we live our lives. Still think you’re better off taking the vaccine and moving on past this, especially if you’re in a low-resource country.
It’s one thing when they try to make their own original product and we all laugh or cringe at it. It’s another when they find something you’re already invested in and try to change it and go so far as to try and erase or change existing products. Kind of like with Star Wars good luck finding the original trilogy without the edits that were retconned in. A lot of older products like adnd and similar material now has a warning on it but it wouldn’t surprise me if they started putting their edits in the PDFs even if you already own the copy and are now unable to download the original cut. Getting your hands on any of these originals is now cost prohibitive

Or 5e…. The corruption was subtle in the core rulebook, but every new release gets more and more in your face about it. The irritating part that drives me bananas about this is having introduced people to the game mechanics, having bought into the game rules and a few supplements. It’s not a small investment, then they made their true colors known. It’s hard getting people to switch systems especially one they just learned

   Well, in some ways I consider sunk costs as a sort of tax, I DO NOT agree with most of the outrageous things the USA spends their money on.  But I get no say in paying the taxes.   Products I already own, that have decided to take a path I heavily disagree with, well I can at least ignore the parent policy and play with the materials as I like.  In very rare cases I *might* "pay a tax" to people I do not like to get something I want, but more and more this is something I try to stay away from.   The sorts who want gay college prom are going to infect other people's creations, they have to.  Either because their own creative power is extremely limited, or they know things based on what they want to see and do are simply not palatable to the general public.
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