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The Weather Hex Flower is a cool idea.

At the moment, I am using a table to generate weather in Glorantha's Dorastor, but this could work equally as well.

I'll have a think about how it would work, probably having a different Hex Flower for each season.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Dune
« Last post by Trond on Today at 02:57:50 PM »

Considering the book is already a leftist fairy tale, it doesn't take too much additional political correctness to push it over the top. Like adding hot sauce to hot wings.

I can't say I remember any leftist propaganda in the book or the film. It's been many years since I read the book though.
Paizo isn't in Seattle. It's in Redmond.
Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, that's even worse.

Redmond,Wa. Median apartment rent: $2326
Seattle, WA. $2169
Vancouver, WA. $1543 (Also on I-5, with more than enough infrastructure for their needs)
I didn't check Tacoma or Olympia, but my point for this tangent is that "My cost of living!" Is sort of a self-inflicted wound. Apartment rent and commercial office rent probably follow similar patterns if cost by location. So, Paizo is paying more than they had to (1), and sort-of-forcing (2) employees  to also do so.
This is probably all moot anyway. Paizo has bigger problems now, and is probably not long for this world, unless WotC craps the bed in 2024 with the 5.5e.

(1) Although, if anything, commercial office rent should be going down in Washington overall, as companies see how well telecomming works and can downsize their physical locations.
(2) I chose a 30 minute commute over living in an expensive city whose QoL was rapidly deteriorating. It's an option.
Eric Tenkar over on Tenkar's Tavern posted also that some of those 'freelancers' working for Paizo that held back work include several full time employees that also do extra work for more money.

Kind of makes me wonder if they've been doing the right thing taxwise or maybe Washington state should be looking into it.

Washington State has no income tax so it would just be do they have a business license, do they make enough to file a return and what B&O tax they owe if any.  Doubtful the State is going to care.  Just like it's unlikely whatever city they live in is going to check in on them.  All that may change if work from home becomes a more permanent thing.

As far as requirements for the contractors/employees goes, that's all well and good. However, it's also Paizo possibly breaking both state and federal law here. WA might care about the missing L&I (their version of unemployment insurance), and the IRS certainly cares about social security and medicare getting paid -- and by whom.

Whether or not the IRS allows you to classify extra work done by a current employee as "contract" or not depends on the nature of the work and the work relationship. Which party takes investment risk? Which party directs the work on a day-to-day basis? Does the "contractor" sit in on regular company meetings and generally participate as an employee while engaged in the work? Etcetera, all evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If the "contract" work appears to be nothing more than an extension of your standard employee duties, that's a no-no at the federal level in the U.S.

I haven't made WA state employment law a point of study, however I suspect that is exactly the problem, and that Paizo would find itself in hot water.

Tech companies in Washington have been investigated previously on who can be counted as a contractor. Years ago, Microsoft used to hire 'contractors' on effectively ongoing contracts in which they were given certain enough managerial input. As a result, Microsoft ended up hiring a bunch of contractors full time and on the other end, taking away the managerial input and requiring 'time out' periods in which contractors couldn't work for Microsoft.
It’s almost as though there are universal standards of beauty or something!  Go figure…
The forgotten realms, pathfinder, and a bunch of other things, have just become a big furry convention where lots of people don't want to play humans and just use different races/species as player characters to show how "quirky and unique" they are while yiffing all over your furniture.

Fact check true
Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Re: Forgotten RPGs
« Last post by brettmb on Today at 12:56:43 PM »
Part 11 in my Forgotten Games series on my blog.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Duneneuve (Novel Spoilers!)
« Last post by Warder on Today at 12:34:56 PM »
I have seen the movie by David Lynch and the tv series some years after. I feel no need to watch that particular story again.

I woudnt mind GM or playing Dune but the current take mophidius just dosent grab me. Maybe after they release some expansions or something.

''The rest of the cast were flatlines, including Paul.''

How was Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho btw? I read good things bout that performance in the reviews, and his subsequent story also interested me in the next books. And while were at it, how was the guy playing Gurney Halleck? Sir Patrick Stewarts prior take was great. The new guy playing Paul kinda seems ''ehh' to me, Kyle Maclachlan was the original take i saw and codified as the character.

Dune beeing humanocentric dosent concern me, the verse is magnificently weird so that brings the exotic and entertaining flavor in abundance. Then again i like weird too much in movies compared to the typical moviegoer.

Media and Inspiration / Re: Dune
« Last post by Starglyte on Today at 12:23:30 PM »
The movie was long but did not feel long to me. I thought it was faithful to the book (though I have not read Dune in years). Looking forward to part 2 and see where they go.
Media and Inspiration / Re: Dune
« Last post by hedgehobbit on Today at 12:21:48 PM »
Reports that it had been made politically correct or “Hollywoodized” are highly exaggerated.

Considering the book is already a leftist fairy tale, it doesn't take too much additional political correctness to push it over the top. Like adding hot sauce to hot wings.
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