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The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« Last post by Kyle Aaron on Today at 03:14:18 AM »
If Republicans are more likely to be obese, elderly, and reject vaccination than Democrats, that'd shift the death rates considerably.

It does seem troubling to me that Americans talk happily about bulldozing their fellow citizens into mass graves, and that when called on it, their only response is the four year old's "but he started it!"
If you're recruiting for online play it's easy, just go to - an OSR site but there's plenty of players of new editions, and aggressively apolitical, where site is anti-woke and tends to attract the more 'colourful' personalities.  ;D
I never caught Birthright but am wondering if I should now.

It's really not designed as a generic system. I'd recommend ACKS or the rules in the Classic D&D Companion Set for that.
You could run a game using my system while banning all PC flight options and be assured that everything would work fine; in terms of balance its no different than a game where flight options were available but no one happened to select them.

We aren't discussing mechanics, but setting elements. If the setting is written around flight being available, then removing it conceptually is pretty dange difficult.
I've always been against female space marines as it bas always been clear the emperor used some  of his dna to create the primarchs, and the primarch dna was used to create the marines.
You do know that females are created with DNA from both of their (biological) parents, including that of a male, right?

Primarchs are not clones of the Emperor, and Astartes are not clones of their Primarchs. They carry some genetic legacy, but so too do a father's daughters.
If I made things too narrow, I apologize. Maybe I should have asked about a character who was a 'sex worker' AND...?

I mean you have options to be more than just a hooker. Assassin, sabatour, thief, spy, etc.

I had an image of a spy getting a mark in bed and while he's on top of her she outs ger thumbs on his carotid arteries and presses gently to constrict blood flow to his brain to rrender him briefly unconscious, pushed him off her, swipes out a USB drive he was carrying with one loaded with the computer virus...

Then gets back under him as he regains consciousness and even tips her for the great time...
Quiet your fool! You want the radfems bitching about good women being portrayed as silent and therefore perpetuating a sexists image of women?  Honestly I know about the sos and am amazed feminist groups have bit attacked gw over them yet.
If I ever get back into 40k I'll play Sisters of Silence because fuck psychers.  Also, weird grav fish transport thing.
what later books in specific? the more cosmic themed books?

Hard to pick a "cutoff point", as it were, but I always thought going beyond the basic five groups of Exalted (Solar, Lunar, Terrestrial, Sidereal and Abyssal) was where things started getting a little overstuffed. I also don't know that a separate book for each Caste or Aspect was necessary. (But of course, there is always the element of making money, which it's hard to blame a company for wanting to do.)
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Remember the slenderman stabbing?
« Last post by Shasarak on Today at 12:00:40 AM »
Is that a 10ml or 3ml vial?

I guess it depends on the brand but here in NZ you would pay about $36 Jacinda bucks for 10ml of Isophane insulin (Protaphane) so about $22 Biden bucks.

Insulin aspart (Novorapid) would go for $60 Jacinda Bucks ($38 Biden bucks)

But realistically, with our socialist healthcare system, you would pay between $0 to $5 in cash for a 3 month script and the rest via your taxes.
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