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What a pathetic, ignorant mess. And in two pages! That's the real mind bending" reality behind "Fate of Cthulhu": a game that wants to be "woke" and ends up being lazy, derivative, anaemic, hypocrite. And racist.
You should post this as a review on TBP.  :-)
Quote from: Zelen link=topic=43801.msg1180859#msg1180859
Replace Good/Evil axis with Based/Woke in all alignment descriptions
I will say again what I always say whenever complaints of Lovecraft's opinions come up: Any social justice crusader who dismisses a religious person's dislike for Lovecraft's work because it contradicted their beliefs about humanity has no grounds to complain when they discover Lovecraft's work contradicts their beliefs about humanity too.

It's precisely the point of cosmic horror that none of our moral sentiments, of any kind, mean anything to the universe in the end. People upset about this haven't really grasped the genre yet, I think.

   Most of them embrace (at least intellectually) the very emptiness and meaninglessness with which Lovecraft tantalized and terrified his audiences. I think that's part of the reason his violation of their own beliefs irks them so much. Heretics are worse than pagans. :)
Media and Inspiration / Re: The Movie Thread Reloaded
« Last post by Shrieking Banshee on Today at 08:51:21 PM »
Other film genres like gangster movies and westerns had heydays that lasted multiple decades, continuing well after their basic tropes had gotten very tired.

We might have another 5-8 years of this. Joy. But that sounds pretty accurate.
Media and Inspiration / Re: D&D: the Movie
« Last post by cavalier973 on Today at 08:45:13 PM »
They should make a D&D movie based on the “Isle of Dread” module.
Keep in mind that RPG rulebooks are printed with typos and game systems regularly have no-brainer mathematically best choices. I don't think AI playtesting is in the cards.

Typos are not a playtesting problem though. That's an editing problem. Obviously an AI won't fix that but that doesn't make it any less effective for the problems it is intended to fix. The no-brainer mathematically best choices are exactly the kind of problems that AI playtesting can solve.
Does 5E allow you to mix and match patch choices? You can allow more variety with fewer choices simply by allowing more combinations. Previous editions had massive game breaking problems with that, but we live in an age of AI playtesting. (Reference:

Actually, I think AI playtesting is the one big thing I would add. It won't tell you if your game is fun, but if you're trying to evaluate whether a new feat or path is broken, algorithms will give you much more comprehensive and concrete data on the problem.

Keep in mind that RPG rulebooks are printed with typos and game systems regularly have no-brainer mathematically best choices. I don't think AI playtesting is in the cards.
The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Re: Covid, the "lockdowns" etc.
« Last post by Pat on Today at 08:16:39 PM »
"It isn't the Black Death." = Healthcare's Godwin.
"You're killing grandma!" is a better candidate.
From Pat's description of Sapolsky, he is similarly skeptical of IATs. However, his tests use neurological signals in addition to reaction time, which gives greater detail on the mental activity going on.
Not "his" tests. Sapolsky's book is a survey of contemporary understanding, not original research.
So they did investigate whether it was just contrast.

I'm well aware there are certain people who actually do study these types of things with a more critical eye. My criticism isn't targeted at Sapolsky but toward the broader field of academics and charlatans using IAT and not bothering trying to challenge their own assumptions. Heck, most of the time they aren't even qualified to parse their own data due to general statistics innumeracy among the "social science" crowd.

I wasn't able to find a funnel plot specifically for IAT publication bias, but I suspect that a plot for IAT power would look similar to this plot done for another commonly-abused topic, Stereotype Threat.


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