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Quote from: The Butcher;380659
Sounds like a Traveller hack waiting to happen. ;)

Already done, was called Mercator Traveller or something like that. I downloaded it once upon a time.

Quote from: RPGPundit;599334
Do your elves ever have beards?
Do your halflings?

Do your dwarves ever NOT have beards?
What about half-orcs?


I'm amazed anyone even thinks about this stuff.

The important question is: How hairy are their feet?

Quote from: Voros;947844
No offense but this reads as a bit of uncritical appendix N worship. D&D may have been based on book with individual or dual adventurers but the game system is built for parties with a balance of skills and roles unlike the fantasy novels and their heroes.

This is also true of the fantasy systems that came after like Runequest. Only T&T really featured solo adventures but even there clearly the intention is for parties.

One can certainly tweak the systems and design an adventure for solo play but it requires some careful thought and adjustments to the expectations of the system.

None taken as I personally don't even care for D&D as a system in the least. Nor do i like 99.9% of fantasy and sci fi so Appendix N means Nada to me.

Quote from: Bluddworth;947590
What are some of the best RPGs to play with just 1 DM / GM and 1 Player Character?

*  The One Player Character could be enhanced by use of a comp[anion / henchmen system.  

*  Obviously, adventures would have to be tailored to just one PC as well.  

I ask this question from this community because I'm aware of at least one FB based community that caters to One-Shot Adventures, but none that cater to Solo PC play.

GURPS Conan had a bunch of solo modules, but sans GM.

Any super hero game should be able to do solo as if suites the genre to a T. The Mayfair DC Heroes even had a solo as its example of play in the "Read This First" section.

Any older fantasy RPG ought to work fine since the initial inspirations were largely solo adventurers.  The whole party of niches thing is an unnecessary afterthought.

Like someone said above, any game should do it just fine. It'd be a shorter list to mention games that need more than one player and a GM.

Quote from: TrippyHippy;946279
In response to those who have argued for Pendragon as a generic system, the problem lies in the way in which it is set up to simulate a specific setting. Combat for example, assumes that you are going to slog it out with heavyish armour providing much needed protection, while avoiding knock down and the like. There's no kung fu or spanish matador theatrics here. While you could make efforts to adapt it's broader system, you still have to recognise that it's set up is tailored for a specific setting.

Works well for many settings without your kung fun and matadors, as noted earlier by several folks who have already used it in ways that show your assertion to be incorrect. You might want to check into the definitions of words such as "specific" and "setting." Or do you think a bat can only be used to play baseball, too?

Quote from: Xanther;946218
Do they now!  Those people really don't have a life.  Seriously, don' they have friends, families and jobs?  I need to eeek out time just to post a few places in sporadic manic spurts let alone police other sites.

I'm sure they have families and jobs that dislike their personalities as much as their former friends did.

Quote from: War Rocket Ajax;946229
I've always thought that a Kowloon analogue would be an outstanding campaign setting. For those unaware of it, this is a decent TLDR:

Basically, urban adventure cranked up to 11.

Now I've been playing RPGs since the 80's but on this forum I see discussions of many games I've never played or even heard of. So my question is, have you seen any RPG style maps for something like this? I don't have the creativity to do something like that justice, but it is so unique it would surprise me if no one else had ever thought if it. TIA

No, but that link is awesome. Always what I thought it would be like living inside the SDF-1.

Quote from: Thegn Ansgar;945131
I have a new group who is interested in trying Pendragon, and I'm not all to familiar with it (it always seems to happen that I get groups who want to play games I've never ran or played before), but there's some desire to change the setting from an Arthurian one, to the Viking Age, or perhaps the contest of the throne between Harald, Harold, and William, with a more gritty historical take on it, rather than the romanticism of Arthur.

Would it be much work to change things? Would I even really have to change much (the knightly virtues would be one thing I think)? Perhaps there's some source book out there that I could use to aid in things (I'm generally knowledgeable about the time periods at hand, and so on that front I wouldn't need too much really).

For reference, I have managed to get:

Pendragon 5th Edition
The Great Pendragon Campaign
Pendragon Saxons

Well, it worked great for Ivanhoe and Robin Hood-era England with barely any fuss at all as all the underlying rules work fine for any Dark Ages action. Only things that needed to be adapted were making the Saxons the "native" culture instead of Cymric, and adding in the Normans. 4th ed Pendragon already has plenty of material for doing that. I could see doing Beowulf as well, just changing the culture again as the technology is pretty well the same. And the dynastic rules and "one adventure per year" are easy to ignore if you aren't interested in that. Really I've found the only changes needed have been which Traits a culture values and what Passions a character might have. Blending Mythic Iceland into Pendragon should be pretty easy for Vikings, or using RuneQuest Vikings is always out there if you can locate a copy.

Quote from: RPGPundit;945163
Champions and GURPS were both awful for supers.  So was DC Heroes, though.

Once again Pundit comments, without providing any kind of support for his comment, on a game he likely never played. Good to see consistency somewhere in the world.

Quote from: Mistwell;912722
According to Mike Mearls' latest tweet, ""5e lifetime PHB sales > 3, 3.5, 4 lifetime" "

He clarifies that the 5e D&D Player's Handbook sales since the edition began have outsold the lifetime PHB sales of 4e, and 3.5e, and 3e.  Individually, not collectively (it has not outsold the lifetime sales of all three combined, though at this rate that could happen).  And that is in books sold, not money (money-wise Mearls implies that would be cheating as the 5e PHB sells for more than the others did due to inflation). He also says he doesn't know if it's outsold the 1e or 2e PHB as they have only sketchy records on those sales.

This comes at a time where ICv2 says retail sales of RPG books in general are up by 40% over last year, with 5e D&D leading the way.

There's a sucker born every minute.

Quote from: Nexus;906438
There's people in this hobby that are only vaguely aware the games aside from whatever version of D and D they're playing exist :)

Right, like Christopher Brady. He's just cashing the welfare checks and buying D&D books.

Quote from: Ronin;906432
OK, seriously you play RPG's, you post on an RPG forum. You've never seen any Pathfinder RPG product cover ever? Really? OK....

I believe it. I've never seen a Pathfinder book either. Never even heard of it until a few years ago. But I don't give a shit about D&D and its assorted knockoffs.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Britain exits - now what?
« on: July 02, 2016, 06:10:38 PM »
Damn, Rincewind is getting his ass handed to him every which way but just never gets tired of being wrong. Ideology trumps reality every time for guys like that. Pretty soon he's gonna go the way of Dragonet on that aristocrats thread.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Best pirate RPG?
« on: July 01, 2016, 07:04:17 PM »
Quote from: Christopher Brady;906040
It's Matt, he's probably played it so long that he remembers the charts by heart, but assumes everyone else has as well.  Despite never playing it.  Ever.

Have you cheered yourself up by lashing out for no reason? What a moron.

Not RPG books, but I would love to locate the last 2 Dumarest books ("The Return" and "Child of Earth") by E.C. Tubb at a price I can afford. I've read the first 31 that are easy to get a hold of used.

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