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Quote from: Darrin Kelley;951711
I'm on a mission to piss on SOME Hero fans. Not the vast majority.

Maybe just drop the whole mission to piss on anyone.

Quote from: Gronan of Simmerya;951704
Well, to me the real measure is "how much do you actually need during play?"  For instance, I can... and have... and often do... run OD&D with nothing but my dungeon maps, the keys (which include VERY basic info like "3 giant lizards, AC 5, 3 HD 10, 14, 17 hp, no special attacks"), the to-hit charts, the saving throw chart, and the random monster tables for the dungeon.

What do you use in place of dice and players?

Finally a thread on Champions that is interesting. Where do I get my popcorn? This stuff is a riot.

Quote from: estar;940211
Maybe you need to come up with a more complex situation than arriving at a tavern where a few hours ago a bunch of orcs dragged hostages into the wild.

For example

A bunch of orcs raided a roadside tavern three days ago. This section of road is not patrolled well. The local baron been pocketing some of the royal funds that supposed to go to hire guard. The PCs happened to come across the tavern and find out from the tavernkeeper about the raid. He quite worried about his own reputation and throw himself on the mercy of the PC. He has some coin but best he can do is offer a room as a regular place to stay for free for the party.

The PCs goes off and find the days old trails and starts investigating. They manage to track the trail back to a small hamlet of orcs on the edges of the Blood Forest. After a sharp fight in which the PC triumph, they find out the hostages were sold as slave to one Ogg the Bold, an ogre who lives deeper in the forest. They also learn enough to get a sense there is an entire evil society living in the forest. That Ogg the Bold is a small but important slave merchant.

Luckily the PCs learn where Ogg lives. They have a window of opportunity to get the victims back but need to be properly equipped and prepared. They go back to the tavern and get geared up. During the course of explaining things to the tavernkeeper, one of the baron's men overhears. The conversation is reported and the Baron is worried that the PCs will eventually talk to a Royal Offical. So he begin preparations.

The PCs leaves and enters the Blood Forest. After a challenging adventure they managed to liberate the hostages and kill Ogg. Also learning more about the Blood Forest including the fact that a Hill Giant Chief, Matdock, is planning a pillaging raid on the Baron's Keep. When they bring the hostage outs, they are met by a small force from the Baron who have been ordered to intercept the PCs and kill everybody covering up his incompetence.


I realize that I wrote this as a story but what you do is setup the pieces. The tavern, the baron, the orc hamlet, the ogre steading, the blood forest, the hill giants. Come up with the plans and the interconnections. Then develop the initial event, the kidnapping.

Then afterwards you play it by ear. It may be that the party slaughters the orc hamlet and totally misses the fact that the hostages were sold to an ogre. Or any number of possible problems or failure mode.

But by detailing all this you create a mini sandbox that could go any number of ways. To make things easier you can use your experience to make predictions about how you think your players will act. Add a little leeway and prepare accordingly. Just don't be welded to a particular chain of events.

I'm going to steal that but modify the orcs and ogres into nasty knights for Pendragon. I'll give you 20% commission on whatever I get paid. So probably zero.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Best one-shot rpg
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:28:56 AM »
Advanced Recon (Palladium) makes for some memorable one-shot games.

Quote from: Ronin;950515
Funny you should mention Far West, same writer. Same fat pile of nada.

Actually, that's why I asked...I preordered BB back in...was it 2012?...demanded and rcv'd a refund sometime last year. Was wondering if it was still a thing or dead or buried in obfuscations like Far West.

Buckaroo Banzai game...did it go the way of Far West or is it real?

Quote from: Bluddworth;947590
What are some of the best RPGs to play with just 1 DM / GM and 1 Player Character?

*  The One Player Character could be enhanced by use of a comp[anion / henchmen system.  

*  Obviously, adventures would have to be tailored to just one PC as well.  

I ask this question from this community because I'm aware of at least one FB based community that caters to One-Shot Adventures, but none that cater to Solo PC play.

Surely someone must have mentioned Pendragon somewhere in this thread? Not only does it work quite well with one knight and one GM, it even encourages such play as thoroughly befitting the milieu.

Works well especially if you're not sure how many players will turn up for a given game as the PCs are all knights of one stripe or another with no "darn, we need a cleric for this" situations arising. At worst one might want to add or subtract from the strength of opposing forces if one is worried about "balance," though personally I've never felt the need to do so...

Quote from: Tristram Evans;950184
I didn't know Heritage did Swordbearer. The also did Knights & Magick, one of the best old school fantasy wargames, recently made available again in pdf/POD.

Got a link for the POD?

Quote from: CRKrueger;948808
A system which can express through mechanics Oakeshott's Sword Types. :D

Ok seriously.  An exploration/definition of the medieval mind with respect to religion, and religious classes that have relevance even if they get no true spells and DM advice on how to run such a world.  This would be an absolute mindblower even to many OSR grogs.

That would be pretty awesome.

Also would prefer real religions rather than ersatz stand-ins.

Quote from: Psikerlord;948517
Well you must do what you must

May have to buy a nice copy just to support someone with a good attitude toward constructive criticism. Rare to see. Refreshing.

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Best one-shot rpg
« on: March 07, 2017, 02:01:42 PM »
Quote from: BedrockBrendan;949803
I think there is greater focus on long-term games here, but is there an RPG you think is particularly good at one-shot games (or even mini, 1-4 session campaigns)? Doesn't matter if it is due to the mechanics, core conceit, or setting.

West End Games 1st edition Ghostbusters. Learn the rules in 5 minutes, make a character in 2 minutes, grab one of the many adventure ideas, have a ball, then set aside.

Quote from: Marleycat;949140
No, the question is would there be are there more leaders after meeting another leader with just as big balls and an agenda opposite of their's.
See us European types in the 1500-1700's defined slavery much differently then 1500-1700's Africans.

Right, Europeans eventually decided to abolish it whereas Africa never has.

Quote from: Herne's Son;945114
Yeah, but I'm used to your tedious "jokes". For people who don't know your tiresome schtick, you just come off as a disruptive asshole.

"I played with Gary" is pretty much all he has to offer. That's why he is widely ignored.

Quote from: RPGPundit;926433
Be it old or new, what is (at present) your preferred D&D/OSR-game setting?

Is this different than your all-time favorite?

If you mean published settings, not many I care for but Dark Albion minus magic and frogs is quite useful.  The kingdoms from Arrows of Indra are nice, too. Can't think of any others I'd use. Never cared for The Known World or Greyhawk or any of those TSR magic-heavy ones. Not sure what counts as "OSR" for this. Promise City from Boot Hill? Lake City from Gangbusters?

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