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Quote from: finarvyn;1092728
Since you have played both Kids on Bikes and Tales from the Loop, I'd like to hear which one you liked better. I own a copy of each of those, but am torn as to which one to run for my group.

well, I ran TftL, not played it, and both were one shots, but IMO, Loop seemed more structured towards ongoing play then Bikes.  Bikes, with the town creation questions, seems great for a series of one shots, but maybe not so good for ongoing campaigns.  my initial thought was that I didn't need Kids, because I had Tales, and if I wanted to run (or play) a game of 80's adventure movies I could use Tales. However Kids with the weird powered character/monster that is controlled by the players, and motivations that you can use to screw with the other players was enough fun that I'm getting the book.
Mind you I don't have it yet, and I'm going off of what the GM said the rules were.

Also, Kids, at least the way it was run, was more of a (I'm almost afraid to use the word as it seems to be an expletive here) Storygame, where the players and GM tell the story of what happened in play, where as Tales is more of a standard RPG, where the GM has greater control of the events, and determines the outcomes of the events based on the dice rolls.

At the local game store's Free RPG day, I played Dungeons and Doggies, which was cute.  You play as dogs in a D&D world.   Personally I feel Pugmire, a game based off of 5th ed D&D is a better game as it is stand alone, where as D&Doggies is an add on that requires the big 3 books.  But Doggies does have some cute things in it that could be added to Pugmire easily.

I also played Kids on Bikes, which was enough fun that I've ordered a copy of the game for myself.  We started off by going around the table and answering a series of 8 questions about the town to create it, and then we created characters.  there are 6 attributes and each one gets one of the 6 standard RPG dice.  Then we answered a question about the player to our left, and started playing. The game ended up being set in a small town built around a mental institution that used to be a prison, and was famous for a jail break, resulting in most of the prisoners being killed, and the prison being closed. (as well as being infamous for a baby boom 9 months after the jail break).  the monster of the week was an escaped patient who was a psyco disney princess, complete with animal control and musical numbers.

I ran a Tales from the Loop game, where the new kid in town (16 years old) cobbled together a spell book out of 80's RPGs (in a town where the laws of reality are a bit fuzzy because of the underground particle accelerator) and had a mind control spell running that was powered by a 5 year old Cthulhu who just wanted to go home to mommy and daddy.  (oh, and the new kid was using the mind control spell to get the cheerleaders to go out with him)  The PCs (who were 12) got the Squid Kid home, the new kid was squished by mom's hand, and Dad thanked the PCs for their help, and made everyone in town forget what had happened, except the PCs, who still have the spell book.

the reason (as near as I can tell) that there is no 12th Doctor source book is because the revised core book, with Capaldi on the cover, was intended to be the source book in question. then they switched Doctors.  again.

the first wednesday of every month, the local game store has a GM support meeting, I mentioned the first session I went to a while back. it was the one where the women of the town were being kidnapped by goblins and one player got upset because his 'I identify as female' character wasn't taken as part of the round up.

anyway, one of the people there tonite was telling us how we all need to support the Sworddream, even if he was kicked out for being a cis-hetero male

Quote from: kanePL;1090389
I love how they try it to be all natural, like it's spontaneous idea and was received very well, but some conversations are obviously a set up and look like dialogues from this teleshopping bs:

wait, this wasn't what actually happened?

Quote from: Snowman0147;1089939
How bad was Beast?   You should answer that in another thread.

Beast reads like your character is a pedophile, and all your victims are those that you groom to be victimized further.  That you feed off of them to 'teach them a lesson and what you do is 'for the good of your victims and for society as a whole'. All Beasts have a default power that makes all the other supernatural splats in the new World of Darkness like them and see them as family, so they don't attack them.  Some of the example heroes (those that fight various Beasts, aka the bad guys) in the supplements include child psychologists, concerned teachers, and 'overly protective soccer moms.  A group of scientists in Philadelphia, that look like a set of certain sit com characters, are hunting beasts to make magic Viagra so a certain politician in the white house can get it up to have sex with his daughter.  Gamergate was created by a Beast so that she could feed off of the rage from angry men online.

if you really want more, read the Fatal and friends review of the game and the followup books. They do a far better job of covering it than I can.

(Oh yeah, and the dev for it, BlackHat Matt, may or may not have had forced sex with an underage girl, which got him booted frum and Chill 3rd ed canceled)

last campaign died because the guy who was the keystone for the group moved from the midwest to the east coast for work.  I suppose I could have locked him in the basement, to prevent his moving, but that would be a problem because I only have a one bedroom apartment.  Plus he was former military and I'm a pasty nerd.
I didn't try to become the new keystone because the last time he moved (Texas to join the military) it caused me a great deal of stress that aggravated my already precarious mental health, requiring heavier medications that really fucked with my head, and left me with serious allergies to alcohol, shrimp, and mayonnaise (even small amounts can cause toxic shock).

in my old group, we all tended to buy our own books, as well as many supplements needed for our particular character type. Especially in Shadowrun. the GM would provide us with extra build points to use for our characters if we had our own books, usually half the cover price in points. ($20 book = 10 build points).  We would get the full cost in build points if we bought him a book he didn't have.  When any of us ran our own games, we carried over that tradition.  But that was before the advent of the internet and PDF books.

gonna be honest here...

I backed Beast the Primordial on kickstarter.  This was before I knew it was a shitshow.

AFM is the game I wanted Beast to be, and if Onyx Path had any balls it would be.

Grim, I have bought a bunch of your games, largely because TBP tells me not to, and I like to think me giving you money pisses them off.

This is your best one yet IMO.  

Keep up the good work.

Quote from: Thornhammer;1089515
There is no "neutral."  Fence-sitting fails to recognize the inherent correctness of being Woke, and is therefore evil.

so, the alignments should only be Lawful Woke, Chaotic Woke, Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil...

Quote from: Spinachcat;1089492
Each player has to be scored on the Oppression/Privilege index and that results in a percentage which is multiplied against any XP earned during an adventure. For instance, cis gender white males must give up 90% of their XP every session, and its redistributed to the other players based on their Oppression scores. This score is also used in determining how who pays what amount for this week's vegan pizza with soy cheese.

is that the player or the character who is on the index?
I mean I may have been born a white male but I identify as a hispanic lesbian in a wheelchair

Quote from: shuddemell;1089402
I am pretty certain it would end up being played in a room with padded walls... and jackets with exceptionally long arms.

as well as being adopted as the official RPG of big purple

I don't know what it would be about, but it would make My Little Pony Tails of Equestria look like Kult by comparison.

Quote from: SavageSchemer;1089229
Yeah I don't know. I'm having a hard time thinking of any SJW I've ever known as being charismatic. Too much anger, all the time, taints person in ways that you instinctively don't want to be anywhere around.

ok, sorry, that should probably be "Charisma"or something similar to represent their social following. like the more sycophants they get following them the higher their "Charisma" stat gets. different from level.

I can't decide if this thread makes me want to laugh or throw up.  (not you guys, you guys rock, it is the people this game is parodying that do it)

would Charisma be the only Attribute in this game?
(I think it is obvious that there is no intelligence or wisdom involved in the characters)

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