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I bought a warforged wizard miniature off ebay for like $6 including shipping for the 4th ed D&D game a friend was running.  I don't really get into miniatures, and am fine for using a coin to represent my character most of the time if we HAVE to have minis.
That said, I have been getting the mega-construx single pack figures because not only are they highly possible, but they would also work pretty well as miniatures IMO.

(honestly my opinion on miniatures is that gamers buy them because they were told that they are too old to be buying action figures, so miniatures lets them scratch that itch.  when I was told I was too old to buy action figures by my parents, I pointed out that my dad still buys trains, and my mother buys dolls, so if I was too old for action figures at 12, what did that make them?  that shut them up fast.)

Quote from: Shasarak;1100604
What do they call apocalypses in the Forgotten Realms?


more like 2:35 PM

Quote from: lordmalachdrim;1101131
Just in case anyone was wondering about this book. There is a 10 page errata doc available on their web site that was put together by a select group of fans (podcasters and streamers) that was put up on day 1 of GenCon.

hey, better than the first edition core, which had an errata doc that had a higher page count than the core book.

"the only bad thing about D&D 5e is its players"?

oh come on now.  that is true for most games.

do GMs count among players?

the dice I got with my original copy of Basic red box D&D were red and green plastic (some were red others were green) and the numbers had to be filled in with the included white crayon. (the d20 was numbered 1-20)

they started chipping the first time I rolled them.

one of my friends gave me a bunch of old dice, that he got at a con where it was $1 for a handful.  His hands were huge and he ended up getting like 2 pounds of dice by reaching into the bucket and palming them just right.  They are about as good a quality as you can imagine, and many have obvious indentations on the faces of the dice from where the plastic warped during cooling.  Some of them roll pretty well actually.


that half way reminds me of when one of the guys in my group was trying to sell us on Earthdawn, which replaced the Intelligence attribute with Perception.  He said that the game makes no assumptions about the character's intelligence.

he was considerably less pleased when during play (with him as GM) after he said that my character wasn't smart enough to outsmart a dragon we were dealing with, I pointed out his earlier logic, and followed up with that my character may not be able to out smart a dragon, but I can outsmart him dead drunk and half asleep (which the other players backed me up on).

Quote from: rgalex;1091884
 Add in the part where it lets me play a sentient Twinkie and that's just the frosting in the cake.

I see what you did there...

Honestly my favorite setting is the one my group and I put together as we played.  but I'll be damned if Necessary Evil's concept didn't piss me off for having not thought of it myself. That and it being the first real full on Supers expansion for Savage Worlds helps.
I also wish they would make the follow up to Evernight they have been teasing us with since, well, forever.

I highly doubt that the company went into the crowd funding campaign planning on going insolvent.
Next are you going to say Lee Garvin stole your money from the Tales from the Floating Vagabond Kickstarter Campaign because he had a life threatening illness, no medical insurance, lost his house, had to live out of his car and recently died?

Cos I'm about 99% sure that none of that was his master plan for the RPG.

I think what I'm looking forward to is watching Paizo send forth their storm troopers to forcibly collect everyone's first edition Pathfinder books, much like White Wolf did when Mage Second edition was released.
I remember being part of the underground, and warning others in my area when I saw their APCs and they came for my books.  By the time Revised was released we were all broken and knew that there was no use in trying to hide our books, and we surrendered them without a fuss.

Granted, that was before PDFs were the thing, and you pretty much HAD to have hardcopy books.  Now, Paizo will be able to delete your 1st edition books from your harddrives and media with a push of a button.

Pali is still around sort of. they split it into 3 different classes. I can't remember if they are all some flavor of good or some flavor of lawful, but all 3 are basically the alignment flavor of paladin. the moral code is still there. just opened up into other options, but not as fully as if they just made Paladin the warrior of god for any god no matter the alignment.

from what I understand the licencing agreement for Macross only covers the initial generation. Macross 7, Delta, and what not are not covered, and are up for grabs for other agencies

Quote from: Thornhammer;1094104
Story time!

no real story to speak of, I commented on one of the google channels, and my login stopped working on, couldn't change my password, or create a new account either. no great loss.

well, joining an OSR group got me banned from, so that's a down side, I guess?

honestly what I don't get about the OSR is if you like the old games so much, why not just PLAY the old games, instead of trying to make the newer games do what the old games do?

completely different systems, for KoB you have 6 abilities that are paired and oppose one another (fight and flight are the only 2 I remember off hand) and each one has a die type assigned to it. You roll off against the GM or against a target or another PC, if you get a result double that of your opponent you get to narrate the outcome, if you get higher, but not double, it goes back and forth, if you get lower, you lose but you narrate the outcome.
the Free RPG day adventure was a bunch of teens find a haunted house, in it is a spooky person with long black hair hanging in front of their face, he asks the teens to help him recapture the universal movie monsters, and bring them back to the house.  When the last one is brought back the house shakes, revealing that the monsters and the creepy guy are all aliens, and the house is his space ship, and you are all taken into space where you have adventures in the new game (soon to be released) Teens in Space.

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