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My group used to play a lot of Shadowrun 2nd ed (seeing as that was the newest iteration available).  In that game there were 2 resources important to character advancement, XP, which went by the name of Karma in the game, and money.  Our GM was very generous with the XP, which enabled us to raise our attributes and skills to mastery, but not so much the money.  Which really put a damper on things like new spells, new guns, medical treatment, etc.
Even collecting everything carried by those we defeated in battle (an age old tradition) seldom saw us get more then enough for maybe a value meal at the local fast food place.
Then our GM discovered the game Earthdawn, set in the same universe as Shadowrun, just thousands of years prior.  Our GM said he wanted to play it. One of us f*ckers would have to learn the rules to run it. (his words not mine)
So our friend came up with a plan. A devious plan.
Early in the campaign he gave us a chest. A large, heavy chest. A chest that was locked and took our thief several attempts to try to unlock (magical lock, picking it could only be attempted once per rank of the skill). Finally the lock was popped, and inside were coins.  Lots of coins.
Earthdawn has several forms of currency, but they are all based on the silver piece.  Think of 1 silver as being $1, a gold is $10. Then you have the elemental coins, Earth and Water each being worth $100, and Air and Fire being worth $1000.  Lastly you have Orichalcum, with each coin being worth $10,000.  Orichalcum is worth so much for 2 reasons, 1) it is fairly rare (being made of pure elements of earth, air, fire, water and wood. and 2) is VERY open to being used in magic.
The chest was full of Orichalcum. Thousands of pieces of Orichalcum. enough to buy roughly all of Europe, and large portions of Asia and Africa as well.
The problem was that every single piece of it was demonically tainted.
The OTHER problem was that this much Orichalcum in one place pinged just about every 'Detect Magic' spell in, oh, all of Europe, most of Asia, and large portions of Africa as well.  So pretty much EVERYONE in the world, most especially the demon who had tainted the coins, wanted them.
This, as you can imagine, caused a great deal of trouble for the players.

When we next played Shadowrun, getting money wasn't a problem. :D

ok, 2 stories for this...
first one was from my first D&D campaign. the group was fairly small, and we had one guy who would hang out with us when we played, but refused to do so himself.  his family / religion had him brainwashed into believing that all roleplaying was satanic.  This particular day was the end of a fairly major quest. The PCs had decided that fighting monsters and other armies was just damage control.  Sure it was good to keep busy, but no real change was made in the world.  
So they decided to go to the source and kill the personification of all evil.  (all the PCs were 20+ level by this time, having spent a LOT of time and effort on 'damage control'.) Our friend came in about half way through the first level of hell, my friends had no appreciation for the classics and thought that 9 levels to hell was too much, so there were only 3 layers of mooks (you know greater demons, pit fiends and the like) and the final level where the big bad resided. Our friend immediately told us all that we were all going to hell for playing this game. I told him that they were currently IN hell tracking 'satan' to kill him, if he wanted to stick around he could make himself useful and write me a villain speech, or he could go home.  
He thought about this for a bit and asked for some paper.  I gave it to him and he went away.
An hour later he came back and asked for more paper, and he went away again.
2 hours later the PCs were at the gates to the final level of hell.  I went to check on him.  He was at the dining room table writing.  I asked how it was going.  He looked up, and asked what I wanted.  I said I needed the speech.  "Almost done. Here is money. Order pizza. Save me some."
We ordered pizzas, and sat and played super nintendo.
About an hour later he came to me grinning. "Finished!" he proclaimed.
We ended the game, and went back to the gaming table.  Our friend sat beside me, I could see him leaning against the wall, eating pizza and grinning.
The Speech was about 8 pages all told, 4 pieces of paper, hand written on both sides.  I wish I still had it.  By the time I finished reading The Speech, the PCs decided that trying to fight their way back out through the armies of hell was safer then facing off against the source of all evil.  Our friend was then hooked.  He wouldn't play, but he would GM often enough that I got to play, and he eventually formed his own group at least once.

Second story (this one is WAY shorter and more recent)
PCs find out about an evil god that has a brainwashing cult and is trying to take over the world.  After much trouble, they find the center of his influence, and discover that the god in question, is an idiot.
A quick conference with the PC Cleric's divinity informs them that no, this is not a trick on the evil god's part, he was injured during the last Godswar, but because he, like the other Gods, has his life tied to that of reality, they can't kill him without ending the universe, so they trapped him on the setting's planet so he couldn't cause any real trouble. Figuring that the local population would be too clever to fall for any of his tricks.
The PCs, thinking quickly, convince the god (the one with the cult) that all his followers are lying to him, and that THEY are the only True Believers of his faith, and if he would just climb into this bag of holding here, they could keep him safe from harm.
So they ended up with a divine being in a bag of holding that they had to sacrifice a cow to every month, and in exchange they could occasionally use him to smite people they had trouble with.

ok, read the whole thread and a couple things.
1) what is TPB?
2) magnetic fingertip implants, I think they are kinda neat, and I want one.  if I could find a place in town that did it I'd probably get one.  not because I'm edgy or cool, but because I think the idea of them is cool.
3) anti-vaxxers. I am completely 100% behind this.  I had to use the VMS computer system in college, and let me tell you anyone who has had to use one of those will be anti VAX.  (or is there a different vax you are talking about?)

that being said.

fan base.  well.
Vampire: prior to going to college I had read about the new (at the time) Vampire RPG that had come out, one of my friends knew some people who played it. So we went to the meeting, this was an initial meet up, before actual play started.  We chat and talk about our ideas for characters, and only one guy in the group has a copy of the rules, and is not letting anyone look at them.
then after about an hour or so he says, "ok sounds like a good group. let's do this." and we all agree.
then he pulls out a knife and bowl and says , now we are all going to cut our hands, bleed into a bowl, let the blood mix, and everyone takes a drink."
the only there wasn't a me shaped hole in the wall was because my friend got out before I did.

it was a year or so before I actually got to read the book and know that wasn't actually part of the game. (despite the GMs insistence otherwise)

d20 Star Wars (silver spine edition): was invited, along with a couple of others to be in a new group.  set up was easy, we were new to the rebellion, and were going to be the squad that stole the Death Star plans.  no jedi allowed. was going to be a simple hack and slash to get a feel for combat. the guys I went with kept pulling the "we are the Pros from Dover" and telling the GM how he should run the game. how rather then us killing stormtroopers left and right, we should be sneaking around.  We were not invited back. (them for their behavior, me because I got a ride from them)

D&D: have been told by many MANY people that if I am in a hack and slash game I'm playing the game wrong. One of these people who said that actually said "I've played Tekumel with Barker as GM, so I think I know what I'm talking about."  (I have since talked to people from that particular group who all said he was an idiot)

Rifts: I have had 1 friend from college who told me about the campaign he was in, that made me want to play the game.  then he put the story of the campaign up on the newly formed world wide web. no references to any Rifts IP other then a "this is the system we are using".  Kevin S sued him.
(oh wait you said fan base not creators.  my bad.)

Media and Inspiration / Kung Fury
« on: April 21, 2015, 02:41:45 am »
as someone who backed it on indiegogo, after they left kickstarter, I might not have backed it if I had known they were going to have the Hoff do a song for the soundtrack.

also, from what I remember from the trailer, the only reasons Nazis are involved is because the Karate Cop main character has to go back in time to stop the greatest martial arts master of all time, the Kung Furer, Adolf Hitler.

only he goes too far back, and falls in love with a dinosaur riding viking woman who can summon Thor (she also has an uzi).

a game I just got a copy of via being a backer on kickstarter is Valor.  it enables you to design your own special attacks and defenses via a number of options.

I'll second BESM and Double Cross.  Especially as BESM went on to be the foundation for the Supers RPGs Silver Age Sentinels and The Authority (covering Warren Ellis's run on the series).

I will also add that Mutants and Masterminds had a Mecha and Magic book to cover the more anime feel aspects of the supers genre.

There was a Dragonball Z RPG that had 3 books from R. Talsorian, which was a lot of fun.

and for a more freeform style, I was in a group that was using the Over the Edge RPG for an anything goes Ranma 1/2 -esque game.

Quote from: Omega;826546
The really long thread about working for Palladium with various former writers chiming in on their experiences.

how that one didn't get threadbanned for personal attacks against Kevin, I'll never know.

I've been to cons where writters and artists who used to work with Kevin were guests, and none of them EVER had nice things to say about him.

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