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Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Repeat from Onyx Path
« on: September 27, 2019, 01:45:52 am »
Quote from: Snowman0147;1105948
Your going to love Weird then.

One universal mechanics such as spirit (energy) and potency (aka power stat).  Not to mention cyptics are universal.

Even if you hate my own setting there is going to be a Build Your Own Setting section where you can make any thing.  Your own world, cities, roles, edges, cryptics, powers, and so on.  Simply because I don't assume what is best for your table.

your ideas are of interest to me, where can I read more?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Repeat from Onyx Path
« on: September 27, 2019, 12:39:39 am »
or Kamen Rider!

So, the other day I was on a chat program, talking about bad RPGs with a fellow user, and this game came up as a topic.  I expressed how I was curious as to just how bad it was, when the another user sent me a PM (private message if you don't know).  "Hey," he sent, "gimme a buck."
"Huh," I replied.
"Here is my paypal info, send me a $1 for postage."
"What for?"
"Postage.  You send me a dollar and I'll give you my copy."
Curious and thinking, 'well, what is the worst that can happen, I lose a dollar?' I do so.
So, yesterday a copy, in near perfect condition, a copy of the Tingleverse RPG arrived in the mail.  the only wear on the book comes from what looks like someone photocopying the character sheet in the back.
I'm thinking that the person who sent it is either messing with me or didn't care if the book got lost in the mail, because the book was sent by one Ted Cobbler of Billings Montana, who according to the write up in the RPG is basically teenage Satan.
I haven't looked at it too much because I also received an RPG that I actually wanted and had backed on Kickstarter, so I am reading that one first, but from what I've seen by skimming it...
The book is roughly 8 inches by 10, single column 12 point Times New Roman, with a few tables.
System is based largely off of d20, but classes (or Trots as they are called in the book) each have their own XP table.
Each class has their own melee attack score, ranged attack score, defense rating, and saves that change as the character levels up.
Each class has their own spell list.
There are feats, you start with 1 at first level, and gain one at every level divisible by 3.
Races are Human, Bigfoot, Unicorn, Velociraptor (the only dinosaur honorable enough to be a PC) and sentient object.
The bog standard 9 entry alignment  listing is used, but PCs have to be good.  Velociraptors are the only smart dinos that are good, all others are neutral or evil.
There are a few pieces of art, what there is looks to be hand drawn, and is a step or 3 above stick figures.  (still better quality than I am able to produce)
Book looks to be well made, and from a PoD company, but no idea which one. There is a PoD barcode, but no identifying label.

I may do a Where I Read thread if anyone is interested, but this doesn't look like anything I'll ever use for anything other than having it sit on my shelf as a warning to my group to behave themselves or I'll run this.

so much for "There is no wrong way to play the game"

Quote from: ThatChrisGuy;1104042
Put that scroll of "Summon Sockpuppet" away!

sorry, my bad.

Quote from: Armchair Gamer;1103996
I still remain deeply disturbed that Wraeththu somehow made it into Barnes & Noble distribution channels. I saw a copy on the shelves of one back when it was new. Best-case scenario was that it was an exchanged copy or an abandoned special order ...

yeah, well so did Zweihander, in fact I even saw a copy at the local Target.  Mind you it was in with the board books that are targeted to children ages 0-3.  Which means either it was misshelved, or someone at the store has read it.  :P

Quote from: BrokenCounsel;1103982
Wraeththu questions, all pertinent to this thread.

1. Is it the case that this game/setting, because it's about becoming a sort of androgyne kinky sex hermaphrodite with deep special feelings, is perfect for the SJW crowd? I mean, does it tick their boxes, because its straight white men getting acid jizzed to death? Or is it on their Shudder Spectrum?
2. The original books were by Storm Constantine, who seems to be ticking all the right SJW Danger Hair Weirdy Sex Mania boxes. Is she a doyen of the Pronoun Crowd, or does the rapey bit of Wraeththu put her on the Pitchfork Spectrum?
3. Seems to me that Wraeththu and this Chuck Tingler game are perfect companions for the Monty Cook 'Consent in Gaming' checklist; or is it the case that because both games really concern Gay/Hermaphroditic/Weirdy sex (ie, none of that nasty straight man/woman sex, which is bad), that if you're LGBTQ+WZ$@, then it gets a pass, because reasons?

Asking for a friend.

I'm not 100% sure how to answer these questions, as the game really doesn't get much into the why's and hows of the biology, as it is all presented as a mystery. The game is set during the time period where the Wraeththu (goddamn that is a bitch to type out I'm just gonna call them "Wu" from this point on) don't really know what all is going on. and it has been like 20 years since I read the novels the game is based on.

From what I remember, once upon a time, there was born a mutant hermaphrodite, he was the first Wu. (I use he because in the books he self identifies more as male) He grew up knowing there was something different about him. Initially he just thought he was gay, and when he was a young man he went looking for love, and being taller, and prettier than your average male, he had a lot of luck.  Unfortunately for him, he discovered that his bodily secretions were highly toxic, and about 1 in 10 of his partners would dissolve into goo.  (personally I'd freak out and either swallow a shotgun or turn myself into the cops, but hey whatever) The lucky person who didn't turn to goo would then enter a chrysalis, and after an undetermined time, would emerge as a Wu.
These Wu, and the ones that followed, were the ones who decided that humanity as it currently existed, had to die. By raping all the men to further reproduction.  Occasionally one would try this with a woman, but the women all would just turn to goo.
The first 3 novels in the series tell the story of a young bi-curious man, initially he has a girlfriend, but he sees this Wu in a bar, and goes home with him, and undergoes the transformation. It was written more like a rape than a consensual encounter, with a great deal of fear on the main character's part.
When he woke up he discovered that a lot of time had passed, his family thought he had died, and they wanted nothing to do with their, now mutant, child.  The MC goes off, has adventures, becomes king of the Wu, re-encounters his rapist, falls in love and knocks the rapist up, and they live happily ever after.

The game is written in the era where the Wu are a persecuted minority, but they have the advantages of fast healing, being stronger, smarter, tougher, and having magic. As well as being able to turn their enemies into them through violation.  If you have seen the game Bellum Maga (a game where feminist witches battle patriarchy and satan) it is basically the same game only with homosexuals instead of feminists.

1. sorta both.  I'm not part of that crowd, so I don't really know how they think, back when the review of the game was done on TBP it was seen as a bad game.  Now they would probably see it as "the message is good, but the wording is problematic"
2. one of my friends from college said the books read like they were written by a heterosexual woman who didn't understand how gay sex between 2 men worked.
3. probably gets a pass because of reasons.  if they toned down, or got rid of the rape, they would probably be more in favor of it. again not part of that crowd, so I don't know how they think.

Quote from: Shasarak;1103600
If we use this product then that nicely solves the problem of the Gnomish Kings with one simple use of the X card.

what is the problem  with gnomish kings?

Quote from: ThatChrisGuy;1103488
They're near the bottom of my list but not the #1.  I think Wraeththu the RPG beats them for me.  A game about "Gay Rapist David Bowie Lookalikes Whose Jizz is Acid."  No, thank you.

yeah, you don't want Wraeththu.  trust me.  if I ever find out who sent me a copy of the book, I will do things to them with a blow torch, pliers, and wire.  things that will get me tried at the Hague.  I have tried several times to read the RPG, and every time I do, it makes me so mad that my vision goes out.  This game makes FATAL look good.  The art is horrible.  the only good thing about the book is that it does have clip art of the 6 standard dice with various results in the upper right hand corner of every right hand page, for those people who have the book, but no dice.  that is the only nice thing I can think of to say about the game.  (the paper quality is nice, I guess)

and by the way, in case the rapist bit isn't nightmarish enough for you, once they run out of men to rape into becoming Wraeththu, they gain the ability to lay eggs.  You see when one Wraeththu loves another Wraeththu very much (and because they are all cooler than humans, and magic, their love is even more special) the, what used to be the penis and is now something else, will open on one to accommodate the used to be the penis of the other.  Then the one that opened receives a load of jizz acid (which doesn't eat through a Wraeththu, just humans), and several months later they lay an egg, that will eventually hatch into a baby Wraeththu.

Human women, on the other hand, all die out. only men can become Wraeththu.

there now I'm not the only one suffering because of that knowledge.

Quote from: Armchair Gamer;1102906
EDIT: Oh, and Remial? Mega Construx MotU figures exist ... including Castle Grayskull. :)

yup. I know, I have all of them except Teela and Beastman (my walmart never got that wave) and I don't have the room for Grayskull, otherwise I'd order that.  I do have a bunch of the WoW Mega-blox, and those are cool too.

I have a copy of Esper Genesis, and yeah, it is based off 5th ed.  It's ok, but it is a bit too, I don't know, focused(?) for my tastes...
yeah it has espers who get kewl powerz, but there are also 3 other power sources as well.  it does shooty ships and FTL, but I want giant robots too.  I want to custom build ships not pick one off a line.  if Stars Without Number were 5th ed instead of OSR, it would be closer to what I want.

I'm looking forward to the revised edition of Ultarmodern 5th ed, which will include things like space ships, mecha, androids, magic, vehicles, and a bunch more.  Still not exactly what I want tho.

Alternity was great, IMO, because it had so many bells and whistles that you could tweek.  I want that. but 5th edition powered.

Champions is awesome because it is the cockroach of RPGs, and let you build whatever you wanted as a character WAY before anyone else thought of doing it.
Wild Talents has a nifty dice system, as well as a cool power build system.
Necessary Evil pisses me off because the setting is one of those things that seems like an obvious idea but I'd never seen it before. (aliens attack, all the heroes are killed and the super villains have to save the earth)
Better Angels looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. (PCs are possessed by a demon, and have to commit acts of villainy to keep the demon entertained so it doesn't take over, but at the same time not hurt anyone so you remain human.)
Mutants and Masterminds is d20, so I have the easiest time convincing people in my area to play that one. (way too many people see anything new and different as 'bad')

what I'd love is if WotC just went ahead and did a whopping big space opera setting, that was designed using the 5th ed rules and such, but was in no way balanced in any way against anything in the D&D settings.  Yes, you still need the player's handbook, or at least the basic rules, but everything in the space opera book is very much its own creature.  attributes and savings throws work the same, as do skill checks. Humans aren't that different, but classes, weapons, and everything else is all new.
It would still be sold under the D&D umbrella, but that is only because of the rules system.

then a couple years later, maybe do a pulp game or modern era, or supers.

Quote from: Spinachcat;1101805
Remial, you are a dirty, filthy truth teller!!!

My 40k figs are absolutely NOT tiny He-Man dolls!!!

Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna admit it.

so you don't take your miniatures (usually your newest and/or favorite ones) over to a friend's house, make up complex stories and battles between 2 or more sides, and occasionally make sound effect noises with your mouth during the battles?  I suppose you don't make vrooming noises for the land vehicles or frwooshing noises for the air vehicles either?

and they don't all have names and personalities that you know by heart?

I bought a warforged wizard miniature off ebay for like $6 including shipping for the 4th ed D&D game a friend was running.  I don't really get into miniatures, and am fine for using a coin to represent my character most of the time if we HAVE to have minis.
That said, I have been getting the mega-construx single pack figures because not only are they highly possible, but they would also work pretty well as miniatures IMO.

(honestly my opinion on miniatures is that gamers buy them because they were told that they are too old to be buying action figures, so miniatures lets them scratch that itch.  when I was told I was too old to buy action figures by my parents, I pointed out that my dad still buys trains, and my mother buys dolls, so if I was too old for action figures at 12, what did that make them?  that shut them up fast.)

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