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I can't remember, was it Ron Edwards or Luke Crane who said that people who like playing D&D are brain damaged?

so maybe he will get to the super hero level!

I only backed it at the $20 mark, because at this time that is all I can afford, but rest assured, if you have a pledge master or backer kit open to collect information, I will boost my backing to the level that will get me a hardcover of the book, cos I love me some supers games.

I have a question tho, how easy is it to create new powers in the game system?

Quote from: thedungeondelver;1126297
I can't speak to all this fol-de-rol but I will say that with a cleaned up, good, solid scan of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play available as a PDF to purchase at DTRPG/RPGNow (and, given that you can get prints in hardback or softback done at lulu and other online print-shops) there's absolutely zero need for Zweihander.

Play the original.

I've got like 3 copies of WFRP 1st ed. One I bought new when Hogshead had the license, and the other 2 I picked up at used book stores for $4 each (one is even Games Workshop's printing!)

Quote from: Razor 007;1126176
Which RPG are you critiquing there?  Lion & Dragon, or something created by the other person being discussed here?  I own a copy of Lion & Dragon myself, but I only want to comment on L&D, if that is the RPG you are describing.

sorry, I was talking about Fox's Zweihander. I got it in large part because one of my friends is a big warhammer fan, and he was buying it and going to run it.
then he moved out of state.

don't know if anyone saw this on reddit, but here...

Dan has an interesting memory of how things went down, doesn't he?

and apparently EVERYONE on 4chan is one of pundit's followers, cos anytime his game comes up, the immediate reaction in any thread is "Fuck off, Dan"

I have to be honest, I have a copy of the main rule book, and the rules, from what I have read, are ok. they aren't great, but they aren't terrible, and they sure aren't groundbreaking like he seems to think they are.  The art is shit. sure it is better than what I could create, but personally I'd rather have a game book with no art than a book with shit art.

(what really bugs me about the book is he released a revised rule book and has no plans to make an errata, you just need to buy the new version, instead of using the old version and having a file of updates)

I backed it even before I saw that TBP hates you.  can I suggest that at half a billion you burn to the ground and salt the earth as a warning to others?

because if THAT were a stretch goal I'd start selling body parts to get you more money.  some of them might even be mine!

the one good thing I can think of that Cook did was when he wrote his d20 World of Darkness book, which was supposed to be his last RPG book before he moved on to novels...
He wiped a specific small town in South Dakota off the face of the earth as that was where the demonic incursion attempted to land.  (I can't remember which town it was)  Having been to many small towns in South Dakota (including the one in question) I say good riddance!

(then again Cook was born in a small town in South Dakota so that is probably where a lot of the hate comes from)

nevermind all that, tell us more about the cake!  where can one find a recipe for it?

Quote from: Omega;1115832
I lived in MN for years. It is the US equivalent of Siberia. Only flatter. :D

Siberia also didn't have hostile natives trying to kill you while it was being settled

Quote from: CRKrueger;1113026
Now with the Internet, these people can infect multiple communities online, Left or Right, and play their games of domination and control.  Even worse, the entire social media sphere seems tailor-made for these people to thrive.

well, yeah, that's the kind of people who created them in the first place...

Quote from: Itachi;1112761
Is the censored edition of inferior quality in some way to the uncensored one? I've heard some images got worse and even some texts got ommited. Not that it's that important to me, just wanna know.

the only difference between the censored edition and the uncensored editions of Divinity Lost is the uncensored version has nipples on it.
that's it.
Uncensored may have been a kickstarter exclusive, but other than that. Nipples.  (they may have been bleeding I'd have to doublecheck)

Quote from: WillInNewHaven;1112374
Well, it's not tropical. The mountains are bad but the rest is like Minnienoplace.

so it IS frostbite.  good to know.

Shadis Magazine at one point for one of the October issues had a trilogy of adventures that were sequential.  each one used a different game system.  Nexus the Invisible City had stats for several different systems, as did Primal Order.
Ken Hite has strongly implied, if not outright said, that Nights Black Agents and Vampire the Masquerade are set in the same setting.

Quote from: Trinculoisdead;1109773
Dogs in the Vineyard. Only I don't know if it is actually amazing because I've never read the darn thing. It just keeps being brought up.

well, TBP loves it, so that is enough for me to avoid it.

Quote from: Shawn Driscoll;1107650
The SJWs and other radicalized Democrats in the hobby are starting to hate on Wendy's now. Something to do with Trump.

well, I for one, dislike Wendy's because last time I ate there I ordered a plain bacon cheese burger (burger, bun, cheese, bacon) and after sending it back 4 times, it was finally close enough to being right that I could eat it and not have my food allergies react.

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