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Quote from: Settembrini
Let´s just say I really really dig the 70ies, 80ies and first half of the nineties photographs of RPG-folks.

Do tell.

Anyone running the Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords AP?  If so, how is it?  What sort of play style do they support?  What number of players are they designed for?  So forth and so on.

The Forge of War, one of the Eberron supplements.

I've decided to run my girlfriend through a series of solo games where she'll be playing a detective.

What I'm looking for as far as advice goes is how to maximize the player's actions being responsible for the outcome of the game, and minimize any leading by the nose or handing the solution to the player on my part.  I've been in entirely too many investigative style games where it became a matter of waiting for the GM to finally dole out whatever last bit of information might be needed to solve the mystery at hand.

At the same time, we'd want to cultivate a blend of the solution arising from the skills of the character and the ingenuity and problem-solving of the player.  Neither of us would want the game to finally, ultimately come down to a situation of: "You finally make an 18 on your Investigate roll, and know that it was the butler in the cloakroom with the candlestick."  Nor do we want to just hand-wave such matters.  We'd like to keep the game being a game, so to speak.

For the record, in case any of your advice depends on these matters, I'll be using 3.5 as the rules and will be setting the game in Eberron, most likely in Sharn.

Start with N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God, and then do the U series (U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh; U2: Danger at Dunwater; U3: The Final Enemy) of modules.  

All four of those modules feature a nice balance between the PCs having to use their wits, interact with the locals, and stab/bludgeon/set-fire-to critters.  

If you're using C&C, I think you'll find that the AD&D modules translate fairly easily too.

Media and Inspiration / Things man was not meant to see...
« on: December 15, 2006, 01:22:49 AM »
Pictures!  Feh!

Gaze ye upon, mortals.

Media and Inspiration / Penis En1arge Pills
« on: December 15, 2006, 01:19:32 AM »
Quote from: Dominus Nox
To quote the black guy in the original "longest yard":

"I'm not your goddam brother".

So don't call me "bro".

Bro, calm down.  lessmlxed is just trying to help you out, let you know about a method for making your dink bigger.  There's no need to get upset with the good man, bro.

Speaking of books in general, the next thing to thin out before the move is paperbacks, particularly SF and fantasy stuff that I have no particular desire or plans on re-reading.

And how I've come to own duplicates of some titles, I don't know.  Why do I have double copies of the Tekumel novels?

I guess I just can't bring myself to justify keeping things that I know I'll not be making use of in the foreseeable future.

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / "The Swine"
« on: November 21, 2006, 05:03:30 PM »
You know how in that thread about gamer's hating gamers, I sorta groused about the sort of person who would come up to a complete stranger in a store, and invite themselves over to that stranger's house?

Well, after reading this, I'll gladly take Strange Pushy Self-Inviting Dude.  

The worst case of Gaming Doofus that I've personally seen was back when a friend of mine was running a combo used bookstore/FLGS.  There would be these two guys, probably somewhere around 18 or so, who would come in, in the stereotypical black trenchcoats and pour over the Mage and Vampire material, along with the various Lovecraft books.

The guys were bathed, weren't loud and obnoxious, or any of those things.  They'd just quietly have these conversations between them about how all this stuff in these books was really true, how you could use the Necronomicon to summon demons and so forth.  I believe that the pair came to be known to my friend as The Would-Be Necromancers.

Somehow, after reading about Publically Strokes Crotch and Star Wars Sissyboy Slap-Party, these dorks don't seem quite as laughable as they once were.  Well, not entirely.  There's still humor to be found there.  I mean, black  trenchcoats and White Wolf and no hint of irony?

I did notice a guy in a store the other day that was wearing a Wolverine t-shirt that was about three sizes too small for his Nero Wolfe-esque physique, and that needed a good soak in scalding water and soap.  (Him and the t-shirt, come to think of it.)  Oh, and to top it off, he was wearing one of those dumb plushy Tim the Enchanter hats.  I have no idea if this guy was a gamer or not.  I can't say that I went anywhere near him in the store to overhear what he was talking about.  He was over in the CDs anyway.  

All of this isn't to say that I haven't met some oddball people through gaming.  It's just that they've never tended to be the Doesn't Bathe -- and if they didn't, there would be absolutely no chance that they'd be over at my place, anyway -- or Doesn't Understand Basics of Human Interaction types.  And, thus, they're much less fun to tell stories about.

No, instead, I got the guy who constantly lectured us about cursing because: "Guys, there's a lady present."  The sexist absurdity of this is compounded by the fact that the "lady" had the mouth of a syphilitic sailor on a three-day bender, and would quickly suggest a number of items this guy could insert into his choice of orifices.  Didn't stop dude from making the statement at least once a gaming session, though.

I don't miss college.  At all.

My only contribution is to suggest that Rick's real name should, in fact, be Orville.


Nice idea, Rotwang.  I wish you'd been the guy who was constantly proposing SF games for our group.  This sort of quirkiness would have been so much better.

Yeap.  I'd been putting together a one-on-one Iron Heroes game for my girlfriend the last month, and then the business of us moving come up a bit quicker than expected.

So, game's delayed for another month, at least.  Hell, any real work on the game is delayed, to make time for packing.

And what am I doing on here instead of fiddling around with that game?  Umm...err....:shrug:

Quote from: RPGPundit
Ditto and in complete agreement with Jimbob.  Don't do it man.


I love that you all are trying to save me from myself here.  No, really.  It's actually charming.

And Pundit, you can't really be advising me to not sell off Sorcerer, can you?  ;)

Tell you all what...for those items that I've been torn on selling, I'll leave them here, stored with someone I trust and give it a few months in the new place to see if I still want them.

As for those items that I know I have no use for -- either in that I didn't care for the game, or I felt I've used it as far as I care to -- I'll probably still part with those.

Quote from: fonkaygarry
Do I smell a sale thread?

That's tempting, though it would be a bit difficult to do while I'm moving.  And I'm not sure how much interest there would be around here for a great deal --  -- various White Wolf stuff (Changeling; Wraith; Abberant; Exalted); 2nd Ed AD&D rulebooks, setting material, &c; some 3e stuff; "indie" RPGs of one variety or another (BESM; Sorcerer) --  of what I'd be letting go.

In the words of Bjork: Possibly maybe?

I don't think seller's regret is going to factor into it, honestly.  I've parted with various RPG items in the past, and I've never felt any twinge of remorse about what I let go.  The only items I've ever pined for and/or subsequently repurchased have been items that I've lost due to loaning them to people.

I'm pretty good at knowing what I'll likely never use, and at recognizing what I have some sort of attachment towards.  Most of my RPG collection falls within the first category and not within the latter.  

That said, I know there'll be a few tough choices, with things that I have used heavily in the past but that I don't imagine I'll ever likely make use of in the future.  Again, most of this is setting material moreso than rules.  I find that I can easily return to rules over and over, but there's a point where settings lose their appeal to me after awhile.  

Factor into all of this the fact that moving will be a situation that presents itself every two to three years...well, the desire to make moving easier begins to trump any second-guessing about nostalgic attachment.

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