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If they just say it there might be a actual be people who want to make modules for the game, or more add-ons such as races.  Yeah I know OGL had its flops, but it also had its successes.  OGL is nothing, but a good thing as far as I am concern.  If they just announce it their business might improve.

This is something I generally curious about.  Will DnD Next do OGL, or some thing similar to that?

Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPGs) Discussion / Thieves in AD&D
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:55:40 pm »
Never had a problem with thief/rogue in any DnD game.  To me they are simply the skill masters.  Sure they generally are worst at combat than a fighter, but the fighter is only good at one area.  A thief is good at many areas and can actually avoid combat to get the job done.

Sure a fighter can bust down the door and you don't need to bother a lock.  Still that makes noise and you can bet every guard in that building will know about it and frankly no fighter can fight off all those men.  A thief unlocks the door with his trusty tools, sneak in, and steal that diamond that cleric needs to revive the dead mage.  Best of all know has no idea till the next day.

Quote from: flyerfan1991;729448
I thought it was going to be called "We're Sorry About 4e".

You know I like 4e from a GM perspective because at least it wasn't 3rd edition, or 3.5 edition.  Seriously 4e made my job in designing monsters and settings easier compared to 3.5.

Still even I have to say that is the best name ever for DnD Next.  That should be right in the title because look back at 4th edition I just see too many flaws.  Way to many to be forgiven to be quite honest.

Well thank you for answering my question.  That actually makes a lot of sense with how you do attack bonus and combat skill.

What happen to just 5th edition.  It is right there and too the point.

I kinda wish that combat skill would just replace attack bonus.  Is there a way to do that like just increase the skill, or give warrior class a bonus to hit?  Yeah it is a fairly minor pet peeve, but as I said before.  What is the point of having attack bonus and combat skill?

Wow you pretty much covered the big ones.  Yeah extending life support for the ships and boosting skill points will fix the vast majority of problems.  If you can I would also try to get the martial arts pdf as it will give my depth to the warriors of the group.

In a game I once ran I had two warriors.  One was a sniper and the other was a unarmed spy.  Guess who can go into places while the other one had to sit outside in the cold?  When the two handed sword fighter got into the mix things got even more interesting.  Sadly the game ended before he can jump in.  It generally made combat skill interesting and a worthy skill to buy.  To this day I am still wondering why bother with a attack bonus when you have a skill that does the same thing?

Why does it need specialized dice though?  Why can't number dice just do the trick?  I am not egging on you as these are just honest questions.

Help Desk / Reopen the goddamn thread
« on: January 26, 2014, 12:58:03 am »
Wow...  Just wow.  Look I am anti-censorship, but damn Traveller.  Look at what your doing.  You tossing around insults and getting all aggressive when there is no need for it.  Just calm down and let the process do its thing.

Design, Development, and Gameplay / Experience
« on: January 25, 2014, 10:13:10 pm »
Mission objectives and how many secrets you dig up.  Not to mention how many secrets you keep buried since after all what the enemy does not know will kill him/her.

Okay here is a odd question.  Wouldn't you just list the game in the company page?  It is a product that they are selling so it has to be note worthy on that regard.

Can we just all get along?

Ester I want to hug you.  Seriously just cause some one pointed out a fact, or god forbid a flaw doesn't mean the person hates the game.  People grow up and release that even good game systems can have critics that still enjoy the game.  Not all critics are out to destroy your game.

Quote from: sage_again;726214
Sure, it sounds like for you DW doesn't offer any better tools. No problem for either of us. You have the game you want, fantastic.

For other people, the tools in the game were something new. It helped them understand, or run, or enjoy a sandbox in a way they hadn't before. I'm happy about that too.

This is true.  It never was a waste of time reading it and I am happy with my purchase despite the fact I don't plan on using it.

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