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Media and Inspiration / The Movie Thread
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:50:18 pm »
Quote from: Spike;961150
I'll short form, no spoil, it for ya:  this film in one of a handful in recent memory that seems to grasp that great stories have big underlying themes that are not the actual plot.. like how Kirk facing mortality was a big feature of the first Wrath of Khan.  Here the Themes are the importance of family, of belonging and of forgiveness and redemption.

Agreed.  I was suprised at how well those themes were woven into the film.

Quote from: Spike;961150
This is fucking Yondu's film.  He owns it.

Word.  Gunn and Rooker did such a great job with him, I didn't care he was so different from the comic character.

Quote from: Spike;961150
Little known actresses in supporting roles also crush it, especially the woman playing Mantis. Its an over the top scenery chewing naif role, and she manages to keep it real despite the absurdity. The actress playing Ayesha, the Sovereign High Preistess does a marvellous job with a very understated role, not as impressive by nature, but no less skillful. Both are doing it through absurd amounts of special effects.  I'll give Gunn credit: he can use talent.

Yep. The actress playing Mantis had great chemistry with Drax, and sold that role.

Quote from: Spike;961150
Baby Groot is Totes Adorbs...

Totes Magotes.

*This poster does not condone, nor endorse, the use of outdated tween shit-speak to describe things. If you imagine this poster has, in fact, done any such thing this poster invites you to check again, then, preferrably after watching the film in question. [/QUOTE]

The RPGPundit's Own Forum / Clerics of Kek!
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:32:22 pm »
Quote from: jeff37923;963271
Cthulhu?  :D


The RPGPundit's Own Forum /'s sexism
« on: August 09, 2013, 05:44:13 pm »
Another refugee here, and it sounds like for the same reasons.  I wasn't a prolific poster there but was on since early '04.  The last few years, though, it's changed ... there is no acceptable disagreement from the hivemind.  It's a pity, as I enjoyed some of the discussions and loved some of the stories that found their way to Tangency.  Geza's banning was a red flag, though, that ANY disagreement would no longer really be tolerated, and the Numenera mecha-succubus thread clinched it for me.

I'm not likely to post a ton, but I look forward to more engaging discussion (even if there are disagreements) than I've seen there.

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