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Me too... :imsorry:

There is a Hungarian on Pallyboards? I didn't know about that. Oh well, than again you mostly find me on Sound Off, since I have no Pally group there is nothing I could talk about haha...

Play by Post Games / IRON Spycraft! - Recruiting...
« on: April 26, 2006, 08:50:57 AM »
So no Spycraft? I love Spycraft and would love to game it, I still have a character for it :)

Play by Post Games / Paths to Glory - Recruiting and PC Talk
« on: April 26, 2006, 08:49:27 AM »
Well I am German and I have a lack of language, but I'd love to join a pbp game if possible :)


Shadowrun, Vampire, D&D or DSA.. that are popular games and you can find it's gamers nearly everywhere.  

No it is nearly impossible to find any Pally gamer in Germany. It was somewhat popular in the 80's as far as I know but Palladium gamer are very very rare and if you find one they are usually hundreds of kilometers away.


@Gunhilda: I am a German Chick that's it :D
Seriously, I guess it has to do with my passion.

@Settembrini: Yep, I know. Anyway, I am glad the world is such a little place, nice to meet you over here ;)


Quote from: Zachary The First
As I live & breathe!  Nelly!  Welcome!  And the people who wouldn't say that over there are clearly deranged. :snotty:

Hahahaha well, naw they are just on a different point of view.

But aren't we all brainwashed? ;)

I am part of the Palladium Crew for almost 4 years and there never was something similiar to this "Family". Those people stand up for each other and I can call every single of the Standard Sound Off Crew Taffy, Daniel, Debi, Shots, Andy, Matt, Chico, you, and a couple of others, true friends. I had a great time with Krome, lived with Debi for several months, know her son Andy very well, know Mattbaby, Shots and Shady personally. I'd go through fire for them and they went through it for me.

Palladium is not just a company, and it'll never be just a company, let them call us stupid we know what Palladium truly is about. ;)

I thought a couple of times that there could be a book written of the people of Sound Off :D


The world is indeed a little place huh? I know Settembrini from a German Board called GROFAFO.

Wow Zach, thank you for the compliment :hug:, you know there are a lot of people that wouldn't say that over here ;)

Anyway, I do my best in spreading the word for Pallyboard, it isn't just a company for the both of us, huh? :)

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