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Other Games / First shot at painting minis
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:11:19 pm »
I'm planning to paint some Blood Bowl minis this month. Never tried painting before, so any tips are appreciated. :)

Kanagawa is great mix of interesting rules, quick play and stylish design.


Quote from: JeremyR;976490
And I missed the procedurally generated mission maps which made everything so unpredictable.

XCOM 2 adds procedurally generated missions, among other things.

Always thought Shadowrun was a good option (3e or 4e... no idea about whatever edition they are now).

Help Desk / No HTTPS connection available?
« on: February 07, 2017, 03:12:42 am »
I've been trying to access the site through HTTPS, but it keeps failing to connect. The password reset and login screens are also not loading with HTTPS. Could you please look into this?

Read and laugh in disbelief, or weep in despair. Possibly both.

"Hey, let's make military decisions about North Korea based on what an apocalyptic cult leader and her gigolo think. While we are at it, how about sacrificing a ferry full of children to summon the spirit of the cult leader's father?"

Quote from: RPGPundit;925671
Even Nate Silver, who has some disagreements with the USC polling method's results (and who despises Trump and very incorrectly predicted he'd massively lose in the primaries!) admits that the USC's fundamental method itself is very sound.

The problem with the USC poll is not the methodology, but the sample. A single pro-Trump black voter in Illinois within a very specific demographic group is what keeps warping the USC's polling results, because of the way their system is designed to weight it.

 I would advise considering this before citing it as evidence of Trump's lead in the election or unexpectedly strong support among black voters.

Having seen The Witch, I warmed up to the idea of a horror themed game set in colonial North America.

Quote from: Spike;908725
I bowed out of the Shadowrun train during the big embezzlement scandal at Catalyst late(ish) in the 4E cycle.  

Same here. If I ever want to run again a Shadowrun campaign, there's SR2, SR3 and even SR4. The pre-scandal books are more than enough.

Quote from: Trond;904688
Duh. Recent controversies have shown us that at least one of these must be wrong, since you yourself are either male or female (I presume) :D

I assure you, they are all correct. Here's a selfie I took to prove it.

(Alternatively, I didn't include myself among the players...) :p

I've been GM for all-female, all-male, and mixed groups. I've had good and bad experiences with all of them.

Honestly, the essential qualities any player should have are regularly showing up to campaign sessions, not being a toxic human being, a willingness to have fun, and yes, a modicum of personal hygiene. Anything else (rules mastery, natural born thespian, etc) is just gravy on top.

GPC is one the best campaigns I ever played. Congrats!

May I ask, what sourcebooks did you use other than the core rules and the GPC?

I see quite a few sourcebooks out there for Pendragon, at least on DriveThruRPG. Which ones are relevant for KAP 5E games?  :confused:

Fantastic movie. I even enjoyed the heavy borrowing from the original trilogy.

Can we have an X-Wing squadron movie with Poe Dameron, please?

Paradox Interactive is one of the best videogame companies out there, along CD Projekt Red.

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